Morna checks in from Perisher with her first Course Diary

Calendar June 27th, 2011

First Day

For some this day came after months of planning and saving, for others it arrived after a matter of weeks of frantic organisation. For all it was the start of an exciting adventure!

The 2011 Perisher EA trainees assembled in Sydney (Australia), from a variety of locations - most from Australia but also representatives from the UK and New Zealand. The first time away from home for some, first time to Australis for others.

First Birthday

The second day brought the first birthday of the season - Matt's 20th. After a day of sightseeing in Sydney, the occasion was suitably marked with a magnificent Mexican feast and many margaritas. The next day brought the first hangovers of the season. First of many...


First impression

On Day 3 we drove to Perisher and we got to see the Snowy Mountains for the first time. If I do no other travelling here, I will have a distorted view of Australia - cold and snowy! We settled into our accommodation - fantastic rooms, fun company and, importantly, endless hot water! The following day we got to know our way around Perisher, met our instructors, and those of us who needed to buy kit ha the opportunity to do so. First experience buying skis - stressful! Hopefully the most stressful thing I do this season. On Day 5 we finally got out on the snow. First impression? Cold! Six layers clearly not enough.... Where were the blue skies I'd been promised. But with the grizzly weather came snow fall and fantastic conditions underfoot. And so began 11 days of gruelling work to transform us into competent instructors.

First night out

After our first block of training we took the opportunity to have our first proper night out in the local pub, an easy five minute walk from our accommodation. Conveniently, this coincided with Asher's 18th birthday and consequently his first legal drink in a pub. The next day was our first day off so we took advantage and had a great night out. Next day we headed down to Jindy for the first time, and Matt and Mark had their first swim in the lake. Well, Chloe did bet them $50!


The first week has been a week of firsts. We're having fun and we're working hard. Hopefully we're on our way to producing 14 first class instructors!


Written by EA Intern Morna Lawson