My Canadian season as a ski instructor - Josh Heinrich - Blog 2

Calendar December 19th, 2013

Josh Heinrich is one of the EA interns currently based at the legendary Big White Resort in Canada. Check out his update on how the EA ski instructor course is going:



Meeting crew
After having some catch up time in Vancouver, visiting grouse Mountain Stanley Park etc, I flew in to Kelowna and meet the crew in the airport. Our guide named Charlie, English chap aged 20 showed us to our stopover hotel.

Shopping in Kelowna is great as you have a choice of a superstore or Costco depending on if you are a member of Costco. We all shopped in separate groups as some wanted to spend money on packaged food while Sean and I, A Scottish guy went dirt-cheap just buying the basics and spent 60$ each buying mainly pasta, sauce and meat. This should last us roughly 3.5 weeks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


First drinks

First drinks in our apartment were entertaining to say the least as we played kings cup and everyone go very rowdy earlier as we stumbled down to Snow Shoe Sams and played pool till late. It was a fun night and everyone became closer which was good.


Buying gear
Buying gear at Dizzies ski shop was long winded. It took me 3hrs to get all my gear the process for the shoes in the end was worth as I have some sweet boots now and are the comfiest boots I have ever had. In total it cost $1300 for boots, skis, poles and a travel bag.


Training begins
The snow conditions in big white were by far the best I have ever had. Previously skiing in Australia only. These conditions made skiing crusiey and painless, plenty of powder to play around in.


Our trainer Jamie a Scottish bloke, top guy , ripped apart my skiing and within 2 days I was a different skier with greater control and rhythm. So far in a week I have come from a skier comfortable with blue runs, to a skier in control on black runs. Can’t wait to keep training after every day you feel like a better skier. The plus side about our trainers is that they have all been a level 4 instructor, which is the highest and the fact that only 5 coaches on the mountain have their level 4 certificate, proves that EA is doing the best by us.


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