My season in Japan

Calendar July 5th, 2016

We love to hear the comments from one of our interns across the globe. Nathan, our Japan 2015/16 Intern, took to the slopes in Hokkaido. If the amazing 5 star meals, hot tub, pool, high level training and endless time carving up the mountain doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t know what will.

Check out Nathan’s story below:

My season in Japan by Nathan Jervis, EA Snowboard & Ski Intern 2015/16

Arrival in Tokyo
When I arrived in Japan with EA I expected a lot but what I got was unbelievable. From the start I was made to feel like I was at home with family, but my reality was an incredible few days in Tokyo with some amazing people, friends I have gained for life. Everything from the food, to the company, was worth so much more than what I had paid to experience, and at this point I hadn't even spotted any snow! Tokyo is definitely a place to lose yourself. Everything is different to what I am used to in such an amazing way. There’s a sense of safety amongst the bustling atmosphere that is Japan.


Next stop Hakuba
We arrive in Hakuba, an amazing environment to both work and play! With an abundance of endearing little bars and restaurants surrounded by enchanting mountains. This is where you’ll find the best people - On arrival we knew it was going to be a season to remember! We were prepped for every aspect of our exams to such a high level of tutoring there was no doubt that everyone would pass with flying colours.

Club Med Hokkaido
We leave Hakuba and arrive at Club Med, Hokkaido, located in the northern part of Japan. Greeted with a warm welcome by the head of the Village Lidia, along with the ski school boss and head instructor - who may I add is an ex Olympian! We were given the 5-star treatment throughout our induction, and we knew a season at Club Med would be a season of "firsts!” Confidently, jumping into our lessons straight away we quickly got a feel for it and developed our own method of teaching kids and adults alike.


Life at the resort

4 hours of teaching a day was divided up with an all-inclusive 5-star meals.
Given a short time to relax back at the communal lodge, or taking the opportunity to use the hotel hot tubs and pools gives you time to relax and prepare yourself for another exciting day on the slopes. Every dinner was a feast to behold…that’s just normal at a Club Med resort. After dinner it’s time for the show! Every night was something different and of course you get the opportunity to get involved if you wish. You will have the opportunity to learn some amazing skills such as trampolining, magic and other circus skills! How much of it you want to experience is of course up to you!


If I had to sum up this awesome experience I couldn’t have asked for more, the food, hotel amenities are taken out of your regular wages, so you don’t have to stress about bills. One of the best things about Club Med is that regardless of hours worked, your pay is consistent. Leaving you with a nice little wage even after your first season! And the snow in Hokkaido beats anywhere in the world, it’s the best Japan has to offer. I highly recommend grabbing this opportunity with both hands and an open mind.

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