Naemie Wilson's Ski Instructor course blog - Lake Louise Canada

Calendar December 12th, 2011

Ski instructor course - Fresh from Lake Louise Canada - with instructor training and a guaranteed job offer.

Hey Everybody! I’m Naemie, here's my first blog of the season.....

We arrived in Vancouver after a flight that seemed to take FOREVER! Tom, our rep, led us outside to our transport to the hotel - a limo - I thought he was joking! Although it wasn't quite as glamorous as it first seemed once our ski bags were piled up on our knees and under our feet! That night we went to Moxie's bar for dinner and a few beers.


Next morning was an amazing breakfast of eggy bread, bacon and maple syrup in the panoramic top floor restaurant, ‘Cloud 9’ - awesome views, although I thought I had vertigo (or was still a little intoxicated) until I realised we were actually revolving! We then had a long day of sorting out our bank accounts, SIN numbers and new phones. The evening was spent getting to know each other, with the time old icebreaker that is alcohol!


Next morning was a challenge getting to the foyer for 6:15am, as most of us were still fairly inebriated/severely hung-over! But, being seasoned professionals, thankfully we all managed it! No limos this morning, we’d been downgraded to a bus – and headed to the airport. A very nauseous flight to Calgary followed; we landed and got the bus up to Lake Louise, stopping at Banff on the way for groceries. Only problem was, when we got to our accommodation, there were no cooking utensils – trying to open a tin of beans with your teeth is not recommended!


Orientation around Lake Louise and the ski area was really good, we sorted out our staff passes all with awful but hilarious photos, and got our lockers assigned. This was followed by a crazy night of drunken antics, including dropping my phone down the loo! Sunday was a trip to Banff to get kitted up with our ski gear, and get some more shopping so we could actually cook our dinners!

Monday was first day of the ski instructor course training, fuelled with excitement and anticipation, w e met our instructors, and off we set around the slopes. I've never skied down anything as steep before, but a fair few collisions and crashes later, I just about started getting the hang of it, and managed to finish the day in one piece.

Tuesday through Thursday we were again in ski instructor course training, although by the end of Thursday I had black toenails, and couldn't walk let alone ski! Tip - make sure your boots fit correctly!! So unfortunately I've not been able to ski all weekend as I've had to allow my feet to recover as much as possible, and get my boots fixed up. So fingers crossed next week's training will pass without quite so much drama!

Update you again very soon!