no snow... no worries....

Calendar November 29th, 2016

No matter which weather guru you listen to, they are all singing from the same song book this winter! Japan is going to get hammered with snow…. And the good news is with an internship with EA your rent is paid so you are already in a WAY better position than other seasonal staff…

Grasshopper explains his thoughts in the 2016/17 season forecast – Australian's will know how on point this guy is!!
“The 2015/16 season was slow to start and recorded below average snowfall. This can be attributed to the strong El Nino event. It is good to know that It is not just Australia that bears the brunt of a wrong’un. The El Nino Southern Oscillation State (ENSO) influences storm tracks in Japan. The Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) favour weak La Nina Conditions developing during the winter. For that reason, I’m going to go for an average to slightly snowier than average season this year. This correlates with the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) forecast which also goes for an average season in terms of snow depth.”

It sounds like this snowier than average season might be a couple of weeks off, fear not, this is a crucial learning curve in your introduction into the ski industry. As much as EA Ski and Snowboard Training would love to get involved with controlling the snow gods and ensuring our resorts are blanketed from day 1 of the internship program, this is not possible and therefore sometimes the elements come up trumps and we have to entertain ourselves and survive the first couple of weeks without an income and without a single snow flake to keep us company. I qualify as a senior citizen of the snow community with 17 seasons under the belt so I can tell you IT WILL GET BETTER… but if you are starting to climb the walls we thought we would ask around the office and find out what our fave things to do are when there is no snow!

Exploring the bars and restaurants
Sus out the happy hours, make friends with the bar staff and work out where ‘your people’ drink…. One of the coolest parts of Japan is the sweet little bars and pubs nestled into corners, snow mounds and log cabins which are often scattered around the villages not just on the main streets like we are used to…. Go for a wander and find your local!

Relax – Onsen style
Some of you love getting your gear off so these Onsens will be a regular stop off, but even if that’s not your style, the tradition of going to an onsen should not be missed! Aside from being a place to relax and rejuvenate, the thermal properties of the water are good for your muscles and will ease the tension while you wait for the snow.

Making new mates
EA make it impossible for this not to happen! You’re rolling into town with a crew of like-minded snow lovers so get to know them – circle of death is a great ice breaker.

Getting creative – movie
These guys take no-snow-motivation to a whole new level – this is only recommended if you genuinely kill it on your skis or boards! Trees hurt, but these guys make it look freaking amazing!

Build a rail or hunt for features while there is no snow to cover
Your back yard will be covered soon – if you’ve seen some plastic piping that looks worthy of a casual 50/50, grab it now! You can have a think about your backyard terrain park so your house parties will be better than the rest once the snow arrives!

Get the camera out
Not just the iPhone camera! If you know your way around a DSLR get out there, time-lapse, panoramas and as many pics you can take! Your social profile will appreciate it and one day when your old like me you can look back and enjoy the memories of your first winter out of the womb!

Snow dance
It works…. Its proven to lift your mood, instil faith in the snow gods and set the tone for the season

 ****Update*** at the time of posting this we have seen a few images coming through from Rusutsu and IT IS DUMPING....