Off to Japan to ski instruct - Julian Szlwaski - Blog 1

Calendar December 8th, 2014

Ever wondered what it would be like to do a winter in Japan? Julian Szlawski is off to Japan this winter to train and work as a ski instructor at Club Med Resort with EA Ski & Snowboard. Follow his season here...

Here I sit on the floor at the boarding gate, entertaining myself with yet another sock puppet production featuring Captain Barnacle and his bampot contemporary, Porkins. Led here by the wild disorganization and haphazard determination to be unpredictable, it feels good to leave the argle-bargle that was yesterday’s final exam to reconnect with the spin of the world.

I’m leaving behind the Aussie summer to live a (possibly ill-considered) week long dream I've had of being a ski-bum. I quit my job, deferred my uni degree and booked a last minute flight to Japan that I definitely couldn’t afford, selling a bunch of crap I found lying around the house (including my precious antique can collection) and purchasing some counterfeit ski gear that definitely won’t keep me warm or dry. But hey at least I’ll look hella steezy.

I’m a 24 year ruffian (otherwise known as a student) from Melbourne, I’m all about music, old book smell, travelling, monsoon rains and loud, raucous profanity. The snow has always held the eloquent draw of silent woods, crackling fires and beating winds, mixed with beers, ample tomfoolery and go-pro fuelled mayhem. I’m unsure exactly what to expect from a season in Japan, the clash of old social rigidity and youthful mountain culture is sure to make for a disorientating and exhilarating experience.

Old mate EA has been fantastic in getting me set, sorting flights, interviews, insurance and visas for a busy uni student with the organisational skills of a drunken donkey is no cakewalk, but here I am with 10 delicious beers smuggled into my luggage at the beginning of something fantastic. I forgot my laptop and several other essential items, but 6kg of books and my Japanese tea mug will get me through what is sure to be an amazing, confusing experience.

If jetting off to Japan for a winter training as a ski instructor in the best snow in the world sounds like you, click here to check out more about Julian's internship. The team at EA are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.