Owen checks in again from Revvie - The Teaching Begins...

Calendar January 12th, 2011

Teaching Commences

Firstly I must apologise for my lack of updates recently. Christmas time has been exceedingly busy time on the hill, and having only one day off (New Years Day luckily), it has been difficult to find time but mostly energy to compose a post. However things are starting to quiet down. A bit. So here it is.

Christmas day was a strange day personally I was missing home quite a lot there is something about being with your family and friends, eating too much food drinking too much booze, charades and napping all afternoon on the sofa, you just kinda need, even if it is just for one day of the year.

We spent Christmas day beginning our level 2 training, which no one was in any mood to do. By lunchtime we collectively decided we wanted to go home open some presents eat some food and celebrate in our own little way. We did our secret Santa, with a budget of 5 dollars each some interesting to say the least presents were revealed. Highlights being a Justin Bieber puzzle, a spork, and a torch in the shape of a duck. That night we went to a delightful little party full of civilised conversation, gentle mocking, and some nice red wine. Then I got there shotgunned a pilsner sniffed out the Jager, blasted some Metallica, fell over and went home. I joke of course, it was a fun night lots of booze was consumed everyone had fun, what more could we ask for so far away from home.

The next day we woke to the beginning of a marathon stretch of teaching as all the tourists arrived the schools were on holiday and everyone wanted a lesson. It was quite an experience as newly qualified instructors we really were thrown in at the deep end as busloads of kids and adults arrived every hour. We taught and we taught and we taught some more then we slept. It was a fantastic couple of weeks, which at the time we hated but since will always be grateful for what that week taught us not just about ski teaching but just teaching kids in general.

My battery is running low so this is it for now but ill be back later in the week with the rest of the shenanigans we have been up to.

Take care x