Owen starts teaching and hits the pow in Revelstoke...

Calendar January 27th, 2011


Well since Christmas there really has been only one thing on everyone’s mind. When is the snow coming, not that hasn’t been any snow, but we're in Revelstoke. Everyone we had spoken to so far had said the same thing, ‘just wait till January,’ well we had waited patiently, but still no sign of this beloved powder that had been promised.

I don’t remember the exact date, all I remember is waking up to a line of long haul trucks parked by the side of the main street and snow drifts above my head. The highway was jammed, not with broken heroes, but with snow, it was everywhere, we were shut off from the rest of the country. Phones were down, internet weak, but know one cared the only place they wanted to be was on the hill. La Nina* had answered our prayers.

Before coming here I would have said ‘yeah I’ve skied powder before,’ how wrong I was. This stuff was fluffy light and waist deep, the groomed runs were covered the glades covered, the avalanche warning was up to critical. So we did what we do best, we skied and my god did we have fun. Face shot after face shot as we floated through the most glorious snow I have ever encountered. The best thing was it was still snowing, every track we carved out was filled back up as we left it. It continued for four days straight.

Since then due to the size of this mountain fresh powder stashes are so easy to come by, we finally discovered why this mountain has the reputation it so rightly deserves. In the last few days we’ve had another dump for three days solid this time, just perfect to top up the places we had left in our wake.
We even had our training on massive powder days, a very useful few days where we could do nothing but learn to ski powder better. In town there are whispers and rumours that this might well be the best year for snow Revelstoke has ever had. To be part of that alone is truly phenomenal. I’ve met people who have driven for 11 hours past numerous ski resorts just to be here for a weekend, because when they wake up the snow report says get to Revelstoke.

Teaching has calmed down a bit now, which is a relief, but has come at the right time, as we really are focussing on the level two exams at the moment. In other news we have also all at some point started snowboarding lessons, some have taken more kindly to it then others, with Andrea after one lesson has gone and bought boots and a board. I personally thoroughly enjoyed learning and crashing, I certainly see the attraction I had a great day and since have been out a couple of times on my own. However my heart still and will always be with skiing, there is something more liberating more free and dare I say easy about Skiing. I don’t mean its an easier sport to master, because its not, but when your on a snowboard your legs don’t move you are a slave to the fall line, and while that can be fun it makes finding those powder stashes or terrain you want to hit that much harder.

Skiing has a wonderful easy attitude to it, it’s about the lines you hit and the cliffs you drop. Snowboarding seems to be more about the board you ride and the jacket you wear. There is definitely room for both and I will pursue snowboarding, but I am a skier.

Thank you and bye bye Owen x