Owen: Vancouver to Revelstoke: Instructor Internship Course Begins

Calendar December 8th, 2010

Vancouver – Revelstoke.

After a nine-hour flight of nerves and meeting and greeting our fellow companions, we touched down in a very snowy Vancouver. We were then greeted by a stretch limousine, which would take us to our hotel for the next two nights. That night we headed to a local bar for dinner and to meet the EA reps, after more meeting and greeting we were all still jetlagged from the flight and headed to bed.

The next day we all set out in pursuit of bank accounts, mobile phones, and SIN numbers, followed by a brief walk around Vancouver, the weather permitting.

We awoke the next day around 6.30am in order to catch our transfers to the airport, which would in turn take us to our final destinations. After a rocky plane ride and a few spilt OJ’s we arrived in Kelowna and were whisked off to grab bedding and other essentials from a local Wal-Mart. Kitted up we embarked on the final leg of our mammoth journey, and arrived at our delightful flats in Revelstoke around 5pm.

Revelstoke is a beautiful little town, with all the amenities you could need, everything is covered in snow but hey that’s why we are here. It is also home to the Revelstoke Grizzlies, the local hockey team. We had the opportunity to attend one of there home games on our second evening, a unique experience which, even though none of us were too clued up on the rules, we all thoroughly enjoyed.


Today we met Dan, the ski school director. We did some introductory exercises, one of which produced some interesting results. We were asked to sit with our backs to each other and, one person was told he did not know what a jacket was, what a zip was, what a sleeve was and so on, whilst the other was told he/she must explain how to put a jacket on without looking at his/her partner. I think at one point a had one arm in one sleeve one arm in the other the wrong way, with the zip done up round my leg. It was a bizarre experience but also valuable as it taught us that in teaching skiing, we have to remember not everyone knows the ins and outs of a pair of skis and boots.
It’s been a hectic but fun filled first week, and we are all very excited for Friday when we finally get on the hill.