Owen's mid season antics and Revy's staff appreciation hypnosis night!

Calendar March 3rd, 2011

Firstly I will start with what is freshest in my mind, hypnotism.

As a staff appreciation night we were invited to a hypnosis show with a Dr Steve Taubman, I believe he may have made the doctor bit up, there didn’t seem to be much healing happening. I declined the offer to participate in the show through fear of being made to give birth in front of my managers and peers, but mainly because I’m not sure I agree with stage hypnosis shows, that rely solely on the embarrassment of the participants, in my mind something as powerful and dangerous as hypnosis should maybe be used for more productive outcomes.

However it was bloody funny. Highlights included the hypnotised being told they were watching a dirty movie and all, bar one guy who punched his clenched fist in the air at the thought, (until he was told it was his parents he was watching) were horribly disgusted, and within seconds were watching the most romantic film they had seen, and were hugging each other and hands were creeping.

I cant say I agree with use of hypnosis in this way, however Dr Taubman was wonderful entertainer and entirely professional.

We have had a lot of sun recently which has been great for the mood and vitamin D levels, but bad for the mountain, with very icy and cold conditions. One day the top of the mountain was closed due to a temperature reading of minus 50 degrees Celsius, including wind chill. If you’ve never felt that sort of cold its probably because at that sort of temperature you can't feel anything.

In the last few days though the snow has returned, which is great for us but bad for the last drop pub, whose promo offer of 10 dollars pitchers of beer when ever it snows 10 centimetres of snow seemed to be going well for them. The mountain is really starting to get a buzz about it with more and more people arriving from all over the world to check out what all the fuss is about at Revelstoke this year. Great for the resort not so much fun for us season pass holders who love never having to wait in line for a lift and fresh snow everyday.

Iv been working more on my snowboarding and its going well however I have found that I need to ski before I go home, I've yet to do a full day snowboarding, I start with the best intentions to practice and push myself in snowboarding, by the end of the day I have to get my skis on and just really go for it. This is of course if my skis stay on my feet!

Recently I’ve been having some trouble with runaway skis. On three separate occasions my ski has just vanished, on two of them it took a lot of digging, hiking and swearing in order to find them. The latest one was maybe a misjudgement on my part, at the bottom of a chute in the north bowl I saw what I thought was maybe a 7-8 ft drop, with fresh snow at the bottom, a dream come true.

I set off down the chute, the excitement building, wondering why no one had seen this line yet, (it was late in the day). As I approached the drop I soon discovered why no one had been down it, the 7-8ft drop I had seen was in fact a 60 ft cliff, it all made sense no one had come down it because no one in there right mind would attempt a cliff like this. I made a swift stop and then discovered I was stuck between a rock and a hard place literally I was lodged on a rock with the only way out to go over the bloody cliff. I did contemplate it thinking the snow looks deep I wont die and other such ridiculous justifications.

After 15 minutes I decided my only way out was to take my skis off and hike back up and round. However I forgot one key fact, when skis aren’t attached to your feet they are still skis, and they, by nature, want to go down hill. It was only after I un clipped I remembered this, as I watched my ski drop 60 ft into fresh powder and all but vanish, I thought oops. I hiked up with one ski slid down the other side hiked back up to the bottom of the cliff dug my ski out spent another 10 minutes trying to put it back on, at which time ski patrol were doing there final sweep of the mountain to close it, all in all a very embarrassing encounter, I neglected to mention I was a ski instructor.

Well that’s some of the stories from since I last updated. Take care x