Owen's Revelstoke Blog - Part 2 'The Training'

Calendar December 16th, 2010


Legs hurt. Ankles swollen. Asleep by 10pm, awake at 7am, still tired. Loving every second of it.

After skiing for 13 days straight the fitness levels are starting to take a toll. That and an evening getting bruised and battered at the curling rink, have certainly left the group very aware of their leg muscles and their capabilities.

Two days to go now till our level one course begins and the nerves are staring to show as confident as our instructor is in our abilities its hard not to be concerned when something means so much to you, and especially when you’ve worked so hard as we all have done.

Training has inevitably stepped up a gear and needless to say we have had to step up, but as someone once said ‘a hard day on a ski hill is always better then a good day in the office.

This week we were also part of the Christmas parade. We donned our uniforms and Velcro name badges and marched in unison down the bustling streets of Revelstoke. A smile and a wave were our tools with the constant cry of merry Christmas thrown around from time to time, made for a very festive experience, if not tiring.

Wish us luck for the weekend and check back next week to see how it all went.