Owen's Revelstoke Blog - Week 4...

Calendar January 11th, 2011

Week 4 - Level 1
The weekend began with an outline of the next four days and what we had to achieve to pass our level 1. On a scale of one to ten I believe we were all an 8 or higher. Half the group (my half) had Dan for the first two days, whilst the other half had Julie. The focus of the first two days being skiing technique, and improvement of that, even after thirteen days of training there was still so much to learn and still a lot to improve on. We worked on various exercises the first day, including the dreaded specie turns. I have many bruises on my legs due to those truly horrible turns. That evening on the way to the bus stop we went a man down. Becca slipped on the ice and sprained her ankle, we are all gutted for her but hoping she will make a speedy recovery.

The second day we moved onto teaching ‘fast track to parallel’ we played various games on the magic carpet on the morning, building obstacle courses and setting up races and so on. This was an invaluable day as it focused on what we will be teaching when we start work. That evening we had our one on one session, which left some more nervous than others.

Day three we swapped our course conductors and started to focus on guest service and teaching styles. It involved a lot of enthusiasm and the word ‘awesome.’ We split into groups and worked on teaching styles using the fast track to parallel method, starting to plan our own lessons, and using our imagination to create new games for various age groups of beginners. We started to go over what we had learned in some indoor sessions, and also stared to look at assessing skiers.

The last day our main focus was assessing skier’s abilities, and using appropriate exercises to develop there skiing. We spent a lot of time trying to subtly watch and judge other guests on the mountain. Slowly we were being turned into skiing snobs, every chair lift we sat on we spent the whole journey discussing everything any other skiing was doing wrong and how they could change it, very useful for the training, but not so good if you want to make friends. Oh well.

That night we met at seven to discover our fate, would we have passed would some of us need improvement. After the longest ten minutes of my life and a painfully drawn out speech…………………………
We all passed.

The sigh of relief may have caused an avalanche. Drinking commenced and the rest became quite vague.