Ski instructing in New Zealand - Paul Emmerton - Blog 1

Calendar May 21st, 2014

Paul is one of the lucky cats heading to New Zealand for the upcoming winter as an EA ski instructor at Mt Hutt resort. Check out his first blog as he prepares to jet to the other side of the world!

Blog 1 - The best days of my life are just ahead!

If someone told me a year ago that I'd be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime in just a few weeks time, and realising what I'd been dreaming about most of my life... I'd have thought they were mad, but here it is! I`m Paul, 29 from Marton, Middlesbrough NE England and skiing is an absolute passion for me. I've been doing it for about 14 years, starting with my parents taking me all over Europe, to going with the boys on numerous epic holidays.

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For me becoming a ski instructor has always been a dream. To get people enjoying skiing and getting as much out of it as I do... how good is that going to be! And to do it in such an amazing place... Mt Hutt, New Zealand. It's more than I could ever ask for. I cannot wait to crack them skis on and blast down the mountain and waking up every morning to a different set of conditions, that will make every single day energising.

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When selecting who to train with, I consulted the Ski Club of Great Britain and got in touch with EA. I knew it was them I was going to train with straight away, they had my concept, my passion and energetic spirit just in the phone call, but it's continued ever since and the correspondence has been fantastic.

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I've had a few questions from friends, family, and others about what I can't leave behind and I know there are all the normal things such as phone, family photos, music player, but for me a Northern lad its gonna have to be a pack of yorkshire tea, it starts the day perfectly.

If you're ready to head off on an epic winter of your own, check out our awesome partner resorts here, or get in touch with the team at EA to find out what the first steps are to kicking your winter into gear!