Ski Instructor Course Blog Whistler Canada – Tom

Calendar December 13th, 2011

Tom's first Ski instructor course Whistler blog.

Arriving in Vancouver was an exciting experience, not only because our season had just begun but because we were getting to know lots of new people, who are turning out to be some awesome friends.

After being chauffer driven to the hotel I went to explore the city with Jessie and ended up on Granville Island. A friend had told me there was a brewery on the island that was worth checking out but we couldn’t seem to find it. However, as we were walking back I got this strong scent of beer from across the road which turned out to be a Molson’s brewery. We tried to go and have a look but it was late and unfortunately was closed.


My time in Vancouver was a little different to the rest of the group because I had to go to America to get my visa because I stupidly didn’t fill out the correct form when entering Canada. After finally sorting that out I had to quickly catch up with the group. Alistair and Natalie, our EA Whistler reps, were really helpful with setting up our bank accounts, mobile phones and acquiring our SIN numbers to become working citizens of Canada.


The coach trip up to Whistler on the Sea-to-Sky highway was quite impressive. The views were spectacular and everyone was eager to get there. When we arrived we dropped some of the guys off to unload the bags at the lodge, which is quite luxurious to say the least. The Staff housing is basic, like student accommodation, but such good fun. On the first night we arrived there was a bit of a party going on in a room across the corridor. We joined in with the Canadians celebrating the opening weekend of Whistler and had a messy night which ended with Gail flaunting her onesies at the end of the night.

Whistler is such a cool place with lots of things going on all the time. The skiing here is amazing. On the first couple of days we had loads of fresh powder to play with and recently we’ve had lots of blue bird days which are always pleasurable for riding and taking in the magnificent views.


The training has been really informative and enjoyable, helping to improve our own skiing/snowboarding and teaching style. Our exam starts on Monday for 4 days so with a bit of luck we will be fully qualified level 1 ski/board instructors by the end of the week!