Ski instructor course Gap Year Blog

Calendar February 2nd, 2012

Naemie's third Gap Year Ski Instructor course blog at Lake Louise Canada. Naemie passes her CSIA Level 1 (awesome effort!), parties it up at Lake Louise and starts work as a ski instructor.

Naemie is on EAs Instructor Internship - Ski Instructor course with guaranteed job offer

The 4 day exam started. We were all pretty nervous about doing it, but the exam followed the same structure as all our training weeks, so thankfully that made the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable. As the exam went on I felt my skiing improving, but I was not convinced I’d pass by any means.

D-Day arrived, and we all sat in anticipation while the examiners discussed the results. They then came in and announced that we’d all passed! I was in complete shock – I was so overwhelmed that I (embarrassingly) started crying, and then I couldn’t stop crying! I ended up going to the staff Christmas party that night with the world’s puffiest eyes and biggest grin on my face!


The Ski Staff Christmas party was held in the Ten Peaks Lodge – we had one beer and immediately felt extremely tipsy! I’m still not used to the altitude:drink ratio yet! Although it makes nights out much cheaper!!


My first day of work started the next day! I was the only one from the EA course down to work so it was pretty scary – but everyone was lovely - they helped me to find my way around and showed me what to do. I spent the morning shadowing. All in all, it was a really good day, and I knew I was going to enjoy my new job!


Christmas day was strange – it didn’t really feel like Christmas as we were all working, and we were also extremely hungover as Christmas Eve consisted of drinking games and a trip down to the Stables to play some pool. But we all spent the evening together swapping secret Santa presents and eating pizza!

[caption id=\"attachment_4515\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"523\" caption=\"EA Crew Secret Santa\"]\"Secret[/caption]

We started to get lessons, my first one was terrifying, but after the first ten minutes it was going really well and I started to relax and enjoy it! Most of the lessons I’m assigned to is for Kid Ski, but I had my first adult lesson last week – I had to use a completely different style of teaching. It’s such an amazing feeling to see people improving in a lesson.