Ski instructor course orientation - Queenstown

Calendar July 8th, 2013

EA's 2013 New Zealand Ski Instructor Course has kicked off with a bang with the orientation in Queenstown. Everyone is amped after their adrenaline fix and can't wait to head get up on the slopes!

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This is Bryce Wilson's first ski instructor course blog update fresh from Queenstown New Zealand.


From the flight into Queenstown to walking around the town, it’s hard not to walk around in a daze looking up at the spectacular mountains towering around you.

Once we got picked up from the airport we got dropped off at our awesome accomadation and got settled in for a few days. After we meet the other interns, we set out for the town and got are bank accounts and cellphones taken care of by EA.

That night EA organised a chance to get any ski gear we needed from a local shop. We were given a great deal on skis and boots and other great gear.

[caption id="attachment_6904" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Queenstown Ludging "][/caption]

The next day EA took us up the gondola to the top of the mountain and ride the luge at the top, the views at the top we spectacular and zipping around a track against one another makes for some great friendly competition.



After luging we headed down the mountain to try out some bungy jumping just outside of Queenstown, this was an awesome experience and would recommend everyone to give it a go. That night the guys at EA took us out for a dinner and drinks at a great restaurant.



Bryce is on an EA ski instructor course with a guaranteed job offer at Mt Hutt, New Zealand