Ski Instructor Course update - Arriving in Canada

Calendar March 24th, 2013

Sasha Thelning's first Ski instructor course update from Lake Louise Canada, on her road to becoming a ski instructor!


After our long flights we we were all pretty tired when we arrived in Calgary, but fun was to be had so we all had a quick rest changed into some fresh cloths and headed down to the sports bar. Over many drinks and games of pool we all got to know each other and see who was heading up to lake Louise. Those who were brave enough continued their drinking well into the night!!

The next morning was an early start but waking up to a awesome view made it all that much easier! We all met down in the lobby and split up into our mountain groups. We first headed to the bank where they offered us coffee and endless supply of donut balls. We then went and got out SIN and our phones. There was a huge Black Friday so for the rest of the day we went and had a look at the shops, snapping up some bargains.

Later that night we headed out to movies for dinner and drinks. Those of us that were up for it decided to end out into the streets and explore Calgary's local pubs. We came across an Irish pub that was underground and buzzing with people. We ended up staying here most of the night, playing pool and drinking with the locals.

Finally Saturday had arrived and it was time to head up to lake Louise. We all loaded our bags into the bus, everyone was really exited and couldn't wait to get there. We stopped at Walmart to get any essentials for our rooms and some food for that night. It was pretty amazing its was like a giant store that just had everything and anything that you could need or want. After loading all the groceries into the bus and we were on our way to where we would be living for hopefully the next six months. As we got closer to the resort the scenery become more impressive.
We arrived at out new home, the stables, and were all excited by the location and the stables set up. We sorted up ourselves into groups and headed up to our rooms to get settled in. That afternoon we went for a walk down to 'lake Louise' which was the most amazing place I have every seen, "I died and went to heaven"