Ski Instructor Course update – Deep powder, burgers 4 breakfast & Xmas jumpers

Calendar March 25th, 2013

Burgers for breakfast, waist deep powder and Xmas jumpers is all part of it on EA's Ski instructor course! Check out what Sasha Thelning has been up to on her latest update.


After having a great time in Calgary and settling in at Lake Louise it was now down to business.

The first week of training has begun and everyone is excited but also freaking out at the same time. We were split up into training groups and given an instructor to prepare us for our exam. First week started off with a bang and a crash with Lachlan breaking his arm and Darryl being hit in the face with an out of control chairlift.

This week of training was mainly focused on breaking our skiing down to the basics and learning about the three competencies.



    1. centred and mobile stance


    1. balancing on an edge


    1. turning with the lower body


With these competencies came some crazy drills that challenged us both physically and mentally. By the end of the week everyone was pretty tired and worn out and was keen for the weekend break.

On Saturday me and my new friend Kat headed down to Banff for some much needed supplies. With our list at the ready we were ready to hit the shops. A quick cheeky Maccas run was our first priority as we had run low on our breakfast supplies for that morning. Our other destinations included the thrift shop for Christmas jumpers, the ski shop for new gloves, Safeways for food but our most important destination was to the Dollar shop (where nothing was actually a dollar) to get Christmas decorations for our room!!!!

Second week of training was here and we were off to a good start with no serious injures just a few bruises! Second week we were introduced to the five skills.



    1. pressure control


    1. timing and coordination


    1. pivoting


    1. edging


    1. stance and balance


With these skills being introduced there was also an increase in moguls and the steepness of the terrain. It snowed pretty much non stop all week creating an awesome powder day on Wednesday. For some of us this was our first time in waist deep in snow and created many laughs for ourselves and those around us.

Other highlights included; the first World Cup Ski Races of the season happening right here in Lake Louise, Sasquatch Burgers for breakfast and the fact that on my course there is actually a man called Murray Christmas!