Ski Instructor Course update - Pay cheque's powder + road trips

Calendar March 25th, 2013

Sasha Thelning is loving life working as a ski instructor, as part of her ski instructor course. Here is Sasha's update of teaching throughout the season.


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    1. Road to becoming an instructor in Canada


Wow I can't believe it, 102 days ago since I left Australia for Canada, to experience the life of a ski instructor! Well what can I say, all these days of training and teaching and I am still loving it! There are so many runs and hidden places on the mountain that I am finding new places everyday.

Our level two training has been and gone and over the next couple of weeks we will be going for our level two exam! Today we had some much needed snow, another powder day to enjoy!! It's been pretty busy, working nearly every day, teaching a combination of adults and kids. Teaching adults is so different to kids, both having their pros and cons and both equally enjoyable!

Since my last blog we have been on another road trip this time we frantically left work to drive to Calgary to see the Calgary flames vs St Louise blues face off in a game of ice hockey. Kat, lizzy, beck and myself all bought Calgary flames caps, we felt like a local and looked pretty awesome.

Even though we were way in the back you could still see the game really well and the atmosphere was electric!! Hopefully we will get to go to another game soon. After the hockey we stopped at Walmart on our way home. Walmart closed at 11 and we got there at 10:30 so we all frantically ran around the aisle gabbing things we needed, thought we might need and buying things simply because they were there!! It was pretty funny trying to fill the two cars we had hired with people and a huge amount of grocery bags! This road trip has been one of the highlights of my trip so far.

As the season is starting to wind down the realisation that we will all be parting soon is starting to set it, time is going so quick and I wish it would slow down!!