Ski Instructor Course update - The CSIA exam (actually really easy)

Calendar March 25th, 2013

After almost a month of epic times, party's, skiing every day and waist deep powder - Its crunch time with the dreaded CSIA ski instructor exam for Sasha Thelning and the EA crew.. Well not really, as you will find out, the CISA exam is actually chilled and relaxed.

[caption id="attachment_6529" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Photo: Chris Moseley"][/caption]

Well the time was upon us, our three weeks of training were up and it was time to show the examiners what we had learnt. We all arrived at the ski hill nervous about what the next three days would have installed for us. We were split into five groups and headed up the mountain for a warm up ski.

Day one was mainly getting comfortable with our groups and brushing up on the competencies and the skills. After lunch we had a quick indoor session watching some videos, they explained to us how it will be a continuous evaluation over the next two days. We were all pretty relieved by the end of the day how relaxed the whole process was and how they weren't looking for perfection all the time!!!

Second day approved and we all staggered onto the bus tired eyed ready for our second day. The first part of the day we spent inside watching and analysing videos of skiers learning tactics to correct their faults. The second half of the day was ski improvement and learning some new tactics for targeting different skills and starting to learn the fast track to parallel skiing. By the end of the second day we were all getting pretty tired and with the end in sight we were starting to get a bit nervous.

Final day. We knew that we had to empty everything that we had in the tank. Today was mainly focusing on teaching. We split up within our groups into smaller groups and did a fifteen minute teaching gig. By early afternoon we had split from our groups and were waiting around to hear the results!!!

Finally it was time we all gathered round in the bar to find out the by one they read called out people who had passed hoping that you would be the next name to be called out!!!. Finally the words I had been waiting to hear... Sasha Thelning full pass!!!

With everyone passing it was time to celebrate with a full buffet of devious roast beef, veggies, salad, salmon, potatoes, roast veggies and a dessert table with different cakes and fruit buffet. As the celebrating continued into the night our next challenge in sight was our first lesson!!!