Ski Instructor Courses in UK: The Risks

Calendar August 11th, 2015

Doing a ski instructor course in the UK is a popular option, with thousands of Brits looking to get their qualifications and training at indoor snow centers each year. The biggest appeal is obviously cost, with considerable savings they can be seen as cheap ski instructor courses. Milton Keynes and the Tamworth Snowdome are popular choices for obtaining these courses, but is it a wise move?

Cheap isn’t always better, particularly when it comes to getting important, career defining qualifications. Read on to learn about the potential risks of doing a ski instructor course locally and the options available to overcome them.


Qualifications and Certifications do not mean paid employment

Ski instructor jobs are hugely popular, which means just having qualifications alone are not enough anymore. Many budding ski instructor trainees believe that a level 1 certification will be enough to land a ski instructor job for a ski season, but this is very unlikely.

Have a read of the following quote from a Director of a Ski School…

“Our Snow School receives hundreds of instructor applications every season... We don’t look at any unless they have a level 2 certification and at least one season experience behind them.”

Indoor qualifications are not valued as highly globally

Every country has a different ski certification, many of which can be transferred between countries. However, a ski instructor qualification acquired indoors does not hold the same weight as an outdoors one. If your CV is sitting in a pile with ones that have outdoor qualifications, you will struggle to get past the first stage of a job application.

No industry contacts or networking

Ski instructor internships and courses in open air resorts give you the chance to make hugely valuable contacts and connections. The snow sports industry is a highly connected web of individuals, so by being at real resorts you increase your chance of getting further opportunities for future seasons.

Lack of real snow experience

Indoor artificial snow is better than no snow, any passionate rider would agree... But experience training and teaching on real, natural snow is more important to ski schools.

The alpine environment is hugely unpredictable compared to indoor ski centres, it is important to ski instructor employers to know that their employees have an appreciation of this unpredictability and an understanding of the demanding conditions a snow season in a real resort can offer.

The safer alternative: Ski Instructor Internships

Ski instructor internships are a unique way of securing a ski instructor job without any of the risk. They are an effective and superior  type of course which combines a complete ski instructor training program enabling you to get an internationally recognised certification with a guaranteed paid job offer (as a ski instructor) all in your first season. This way you can be earning money and gaining valuable experience from the outset.

What’s more, ski internship schemes can be carried out in some of the world’s best ski resorts. Stop thinking about the fake snow in the Snow Dome and start dreaming about Canada, New Zealand and even Japan! A ski internship will set you up for the ski season you’ve dreamed about, whilst giving you the option of a long-lasting career in the industry.

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