Ski Instructor Courses USA – Victoria Allen – Blog 2

Calendar December 16th, 2013

Victoria Allen is one of the EA interns based in Lake Tahoe, USA! See her latest update on how her ski instructor course is going...

Can I just say - training is so much fun! The days spent on the snow so far are exhausting but pretty amazing. First, two days in a row with a day off, then three days in a row and a day off. Coming up is four days followed by a final five day stretch with the certification exam. The schedule isn't too grueling, but combined with the elevation, everyone is just out cold. I'm told we'll adapt pretty soon.

Training... the word sounds intense and formal, like it will take over peoples' lives and turn everyone into stuffy, obsessed, single-minded skiing robots. In this case? Well, it might take over our lives, but definitely in the best way possible. Every day, training has improved my skills and been full of games. I can only imagine how great we'll all be by the end of the season.

Seriously, training has become a pretty awesome thing.

The first day, we split into two groups of skiers. My group has myself, another Victoria, Pete, Miles, TJ, and Ben. These are the people I'll get to know really well on the slopes and cheer on as we all work toward passing our PSIA level 1 certification exam. We have 'demos' to work on that I think we'll get tested on - like the one-footed traverse across a slope. I need lots of practice there. We also have mock-classes. My favorite was the class where we all pretended to be five-year-olds with specific... uh... quirks. Mine? I wanted to go really fast, so I just skied away from the group and kept going! Poor TJ (the teacher) didn't know what to do until he just yelled at me to lay down. Ok. Five-year-old controlled. Miles and Victoria pretended to lose control and skied backwards into a pile of snow and couldn't get up. TJ managed to get them out... barely. We were all laughing so hard.

[caption id="attachment_7469" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="Pretending to be 5 year olds for training... hilarious!!"][/caption]

Now, we just need some fresh snow here at Northstar and then we'll be set for an amazing season!

If you are keen to learn more about joining a course like Victoria's, check out here or get in touch with the lovely team at EA!