Ski instructor training begins

Calendar September 9th, 2013

The training has begun and the interns on EA's New Zealand Ski Instructor Course are now getting transformed from skiers into snowpro's by world class trainers at Mt Hutt. They have 3 weeks of high class intense training to get ready for the level one ski instructor exam!

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Heres Bryce Wilson’s third ski instructor course blog update from New Zealand.


The first day of training began with some warm up runs to get our legs under us and get back in the skiing mode.

After we had a lunch we started to brake down our skiing into segments. We took a run and got videoed as we skied, then we started with some exercises to work on our personal skiing to finish out the day.



That evening we had a video brake down of what are skiing looked like we all had lots to work on before the week of our exams. For the next two weeks we trained everyday the mountain was open to improve our skiing by doing drills and exercises. Sometimes we never left the beginner slope for a entire day we just kept walking up and down learning how to make wedge turns and wedge parallel turns.

The days we were not on the hill were spent in the classroom working on the theory of skiing, the way lessons work, how to teach a lesson and other areas. It was amazing that there was so many components to skiing I did not know, and how much I had to work at my own skiing. There was a lot of pressure in those two weeks but after we finished and noticed how much we had improved and learned we felt really prepared for our exam.