Ski Instructor Training - Whats the training like?

Calendar February 13th, 2013

We have had a few questions recently about what the training actually involves in a ski or snowboard instructor training or internship course with EA Ski and Snowboard and what you can expect. To help paint a picture we have asked Tessa Robinson to give a quick recap of the training aspect of her course with EA.

The training focuses on two main areas;

  1. Improving your technique The training will develop your technique to make you a much better skier or boarder and set you up well for the exam.

    After your training you will find it much easier and enjoyable skiing over the mountain with your new perfect technique! This means you will have more control to land your first 360 in the park, ski or ride deeper powder better and handle more steep gnarly terrain.

  2. Arriving later, I missed some of the training which meant that my technique was not as good as the others. But with great skill training and advice from my instructor and the feedback of my other peers I was able to develop rather quickly and pinpoint my weak points. I got to understand the three competencies more clearly. My instructor Darren made me realise I had to improve my balance and mobility in order to turn correctly with the lower body. This was done through techniques such as lifting the inside ski during turns, javelin turns and focusing on getting lower in my stance. Skiing upon moguls forced all of us to gain a more centred stance.
    Tessa Robinson

  3. Teaching skills The training will also focus on showing you the correct teaching techniques setting you up for your exam.

We did a task in which we split into pairs. One would watch and analyse the others skiing then provide them with advise and drills to correct their weaknesses. This was effective in creating skills in analysis necessary in ski instructing and gave us an idea of what we would be looking to improve and ways to do so.

The training very much has been preparing us effectively for the exam and making us more confident skiers and has been extremely helpful.
Tessa Robinson