Skiing Gap Year - Katherine's Blog #1

Calendar November 16th, 2015

Meet Katherine, a passionate skier and our first official blogger for the 2015/16 winter season! Katherine is heading to Evergreen in Japan and you can feel the excitement already!! 

In just over a week I’ll be flying off on the adventure it seems I’ve been planning for months. My room has just become a mass of luggage and ski hardware and I’ve developed a slight paranoia that I’m going to leave something behind. After watching everyone else go off to uni living it up as freshers, it’s finally my time to hit the fresh winter powderrrrrrr and get qualifications of my own!

My first memories of skiing are about age 4, being dropped in a ski kindergarten somewhere in the Alps. From then on I’ve felt like the mountains are where I should be. Now having the chance to live and work as a ski instructor already feels like the best choice I could’ve made.

EA have made the whole process easy, with clear instructions on documents and equipment needed, visa application, to putting me in touch with a travel company to get my flights and insurance booked. If you’re applying for a Japanese visa from the UK, rest easy, it’s surprisingly simple! However, I did start with the intention of going to Canada and their visa process is a whole different story. I suggest watching videos on Youtube and reading up about how to apply multiple times… even when you think you know everything! 

I’m stoked to be joining the Evergreen Ski School in Hakuba, Japan. Living in the UK I’ve mostly experienced European ski resorts and I’m excited to see the differences in snow and atmosphere. I’m definitely looking forward to après in an Onsen or maybe karaoke!
See you on the slopes in Japan!

(Sadly I won’t be repping a multicolour onsie like back in the day)