Snowboard instructor training course in Tahoe - Beth

Calendar January 12th, 2014

Beth is living the dream as an EA snowboard instructor based at Heavenly Resort at Lake Tahoe. She completed the 3 week snowboarding instructor training course. Her latest blog tells exactly what its like to sit the AASI level 1 exam:

[caption id="attachment_7794" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="PASSED!!!"]PASSED!!![/caption]

Level 1 Exam
The three days riding for our exam were sunny and beautiful. The first day didn't really seem like a test at all. We rode around with the examiner and learned a bunch more things. I got ideas on games to play to warm up, how to make learning movement patterns fun, and how to make progressions for more advanced things like ollies and straight airs over small terrain park jumps. We were in really small groups, five people plus the examiner, so we got very direct feedback.

The second day we learned more games to play. And we rode the mountain a lot again! We each taught a step in the beginner teaching pattern with the rest of the group pretending to be the adult students. This felt more like a test. We had fun though, as we role played adult beginners with specific backgrounds. Each teacher was teaching to a specific group of adults, like art professionals, surfers, and PE teachers. The examiner gave us feedback on how the lesson went and what to do differently. That was a great learning experience, as well as being the first major part of our test.

The last day we were tested on our demonstrations, and given feedback on how to do them more perfectly. We also did teaching scenarios again. This time we taught to kids. We were exercising our knowledge and ability to implement the CAP model. The CAP model tells us how kids think, feel, and grow corresponding to their age. It's a great guideline for how to present your lesson, and how to keep it fun for kids! Acting as kids for our fellow snowboard instructor of the lesson was pretty fun. We then had to wait for our results to be written up. You could really feel the anticipation growing in everyone. When we finally got to sit down individually with our examiner there were lots of smiles... all of my riding group passed! It felt great to get level 1 certified and see all our hard work pay off.

It was mostly an educational and very fun time riding over the last few weeks. And now I am AASI level 1 certified!

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