What it's like on a Snowboard Instructor Course in Revelstoke Canada

Calendar January 20th, 2012

This is Rosie's second Canada Snowboard instructor training course blog update, including Snowboard Instructor Training, passing CASI level one exam, and starting work for Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

"The good news is that I have passed the level one snowboard instructor course!!! Today I picked up my new uniform"

Revelstoke has easily become the best place I’ve ever boarded, and I’m sold on returning next season!

After our 10 days of training up the hill with our instructor Justin (fastest man on skis in CANADA!!) We then had two days to practice to prepare for our three day exam for CASI (Canadian Association of snowboard instructing). Day one was for us to show our ability and show we can demonstrate skills that a learner can copy. Days 2-3 were days for us to take turns at teaching mock lessons with different situations, private lessons or groups with either young children or adults. We needed to be very familiar with all the content and be able to turn the boarding lingo into understandable terms for learners. The best part was coming up with games to help kids have fun while learning new skills.

The good news is that I have passed the level one snowboard instructor course!!! Today I picked up my new uniform ………..It’s a bright orange jacket……..we all look like funny oompa loompas on the slopes hahaa. I filled out all the paperwork so I can start getting paid and my first day is tomorrow, I’m a little nervous to take my first lesson but excited to get into the swing of teaching this awesome fun sport where you can create your own adrenaline.

Living with the rest of the EA team has been a blast and we have all made friends who we will travel with in the future. Unfortunately we've had some sad goodbyes at the moment for the people who just signed up for the 4 week course and we wish them all the best and hope they visit us before the season is over.

Thanks to EA we have had a few celebration meals at a local pub which always turns out to be a fun night, full of great memories and hilarious moments thankfully captured on camera!!

We have now moved into our permanent apartments as they needed some repair work due to unfortunate flooding……fortunate for us though as we spent the month in Powder Springs Hotel with many perks to go with it! But glad to be settled in and have our own kitchen and living area. Also a bonus is that we are only a 2 minute walk to the shuttle stop which is free for us as staff of the resort.

Luckily for me I’ve managed to get a second job at the Sutton Place Hotel which is a ski in ski out hotel at the base of the mountain just 10 steps from the first gondola! This is great for me as it is all within the same company as the ski school and I can stay here for the summer with a job after the winter season snow has melted away.

I’ll be keeping very busy with work, and in the new year those with the level one CASI will start their level two training and so the adventures will continue………….. Oh and we even got to be a part of the Christmas parade!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Rosie is on EA Ski and Snowboard training's Snowboard Instructor Internship

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