Where can an internship take you and what are the long-term benefits?

Calendar October 6th, 2015

Whether you are having a career break, on a gap year or wanting to follow the dream lifestyle in the snow, a ski or snowboard instructor internship will be of benefit to you. The job offer guarantee will naturally set you up to succeed in the industry, whilst also giving you an array of other employment benefits. Check out the following career progression path and see how doing an EA Internship could just be the best move you ever made!


Level 1 – Starting your life as a paid ski instructor

You’ve secured an entry level job offer with EA Ski and Snowboard Training, you will be introduced to a network of instructors and snow sports management and have the chance to demonstrate your work positive work ethic for future employment opportunities. Your work will be based on the level of business the resort gets so you can expect to be run off your feet and earning a solid wage during school holidays. While qualified at Level 1 you will predominantly teach skiers and snowboarders at levels 1-2.

Level 2 certifications

You will teach more advanced skiers and as a result earn more money. You have access to more progressive training within the snowsports school and are now more appealing to future employers. You have established your spot within the snow sports department as either the crazy wild party person, or a hard working committed instructor (both integral) and now have a better chance of obtaining a job with an international snow sports school at your next planned winter destination.
Predominantly teach skiers and snowboarders at levels 1-4

Season Internship comes to an end – where does it leave you and where can it take you?

You’ve worked a full season and have the professional experience as a trained instructor under your belt. You have a good knowledge of what is required on a daily basis and an awareness of the flexibility of the industry. You have worked out the key to more money is to develop good relationships with your clients so they ask for you specifically, chose private lessons with you and keep coming back for more.

After your 1st season

You are ready to head to your next destination with a wealth of instructor knowledge, you can start to think about where to next with the comfort of knowing you will have work references from your trainers, clients and employers. Your earning potential will grow again depending on where you’re planning to go and you can think about the option of more instructor training usually provided to instructors at no charge and the possibility of sitting your level 3 exams.

Additional qualifications – what benefit do they bring you over other candidates

If you want to be considered for a supervisor role or work as a team leader within a snow school or even just stand out above the rest, you will need to make sure you have an up to date first aid certificate and depending on where you want to base yourself, an introduction to avalanche safety course and park and freeride training. These will all contribute to your employability and open up your options within the department for specialist training and holiday programs, increasing your earnings even further.

The dream lifestyle with good money...

The more experience you bring to the table the more ability you will have to earn a consistent weekly income, you will find it easier to get employed at new resorts and provided you did a good job, you will have no issues returning to your original snow sports school. You will have more say in the lessons you teach and the ability to better promote yourself on snow so you can achieve increased private and requested lessons and therefore even more money.
If you chose to get our level 3 you can expect to teach skiers and snowboarders at levels 1-6