Why you need to do an EA Instructor Internship at Castle

Calendar June 10th, 2016


We caught up with one of our previous EA Instructor Interns from our Castle resort in Canada. The awesome Ashley Johnson to find out his thoughts on completing the course are and to see what he has planned for next season!

My Canada season by Ashley Johnson, EA Snowboard & Ski Intern 2015/16

Castle mountain in Alberta Canada is what I signed up for last year without knowing much about the country and not knowing what to expect I took the gamble and made one of the best decisions of my life.

Castle is one of the most beautiful but secluded resorts I have ever snowboarded at and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing their EA Internship there. The best part for me especially was not only the ridiculous terrain, great snow and all the off piste runs you can dream about… but for the fact it is such a hidden gem when you aren’t teaching during the week you can almost say it’s your private mountain and from anyone who has been to a ski resort before that is very rare.

Ensure you treasure your time while you are there unless like me you go back again because you can’t wait to do it all over!


The EA Instructor Internship program itself is great, once you have settled in and made some awesome new friends you go straight into training, this might seem quick but take it from me when you see the snow you’ll want to be riding all day.

The training for your level one exam breaks everything into simple elements so no matter if you’re a pro or an intermediate snowboarder or skier you will make huge improvements in a very short space of time and will develop a more professional manner.

Carving, off-piste, you name it at Castle it’s all in one program and it makes you hungry to work hard and succeed! For me the courses offer of a guaranteed job on qualification made EA stand out against other similar programs, and once you start to teach you will see all of your hard work pay off. I had so much success in not only teaching snowboarding/skiing but forming a bond with your student giving you the skills and techniques not only to improve their ability but also for them to really enjoy themselves, and just live in the moment.


I decided quite early on that I wanted to teach as many lessons as possible on the snow so I took both the Instructor Ski and Snowboard exams. As a Snowboarder this was a little daunting to me but again with the great help of the EA Ski rep and Canadian Ski School I was able to pass my level one skiing and Snowboarding. For anyone who likes a challenge or wants to just get even more out of the program I would highly recommend it.

Now onto level 2 snowboarding, this is where your standard and levels have to be raised .The training for level 2 was my favourite part of the EA program as that’s when you go from a good snowboarder to a great one. I’m not saying it was easy but with the help of Peter Stewart my instructor I was able to vastly improve not only my snowboarding but also my teaching ability. It gave me the real hunger and desire to continue on in the industry and look toward taking my level 3 snowboard and my level 2 ski Instructor exams.

Alongside the EA Instructor Internship course you can also take the option to learn park training, a first aid course and also an avalanche course. Three things I have never really had an interest in but the fact they were on offer gave me time to explore different avenues of snowboarding and find a real joy in park riding and now a real interest in back-country skiing.

All of the students and staff at Castle in Canada are amazing, it felt more like I had joined a new family than started a new job. Everyone went out of their way to help me and I in turn loved every moment and passed that joy and enthusiasm onto my customers.

Since completing the EA program I have stayed in Canada and have now applied to be the 2016/17 EA Rep at Castle so I hope to be welcoming you all here very soon!


So would I recommend the EA program in Castle ‘hell yes!’, hence why I’m saying if you get on the course I will see you on the slopes or in the T-bar for a well deserved beer afterwards. 

If you want to see if you qualify for one of our courses >> CLICK HERE!