A qualified instructor - Jorns blog #2

Calendar January 7th, 2016

Find out about my EA internship, the exam and my first working experience

Hello there! I am going to tell you my experience with the level 1 exam and my first days of work.

Two weeks ago, we all took the level 1 exam. And I am happy to say that all of us have passed. The level 1 exam, is actually more of a course. It prepares you for teaching beginners. The first day we focused on our own skiing abilities and improved them. Meanwhile the course trainer explains his and the CSIA approach of teaching and learning to ski. At the end of the day we got an assessment form which showed us where we were at in our skiing abilities and whether it needed improvement in order to pass. You have to be able to ski parallel, I can bore you with some technical words. But you will learn those during your training. Parallel is important!

The next day we focused on teaching, and skiing in the snowplow. Since the level 1 is primarily for teaching beginners you have to be able to show an outstanding snowplow. That's what you'll be doing most of time during teaching anyway. So snowplow! The training from EA gives a steady platform you can build on. We practiced teaching beginners, all the way from people that have never been on skies, to getting them to ski parallel. At the end of this day we got a new assessment on all our skills, which gave us enough confidence that we can do it!

The final day is the assessment day. Everything has to be right on this day. Your ability to ski parallel, your demonstrations of the snowplow or intermediate steps, and your teaching technique. There's no time to let everyone teach all the steps, so specific areas were assigned to us. It all worked out really well, our course trainer had seen enough. So we could stop a bit early and get rid of the anxiety by going for a few runs. 

I was quite nervous before my first lesson. I had a short shadow lesson an couple of weeks ago, which gave me kind of an idea what to expect. And I was supposed to have another day of shadowing, but instead I was asked to jump straight into action, believing in everything that I have learnt. And I am happy with the end result. I've had a couple of days of teaching now, and it is amazing. The people you get to meet, and the great experience you are giving them, both myself and my students will never forget. It's nice to be part of someone's life in such a manner. And the kids? Oh man they are great! No fear, and quick learners. It is awesome to see them grow their abilities in skiing, and all because of me. What a great reward. It is exhausting work, but that is what makes it worth it. At the moment it doesn't feel like work, I enjoy doing it and I look forward to the rest of the season.