The most locations and resort partnerships  

Our resorts have been picked carefully from around the World to offer you three things:

The best instructor training to get your qualified

The best variety of terrain to enjoy, shred and explore

The best employment opportunities to earn money

Our team knows the in's and out's of all of our resorts, so enquire and they will be able to help you choose one that suits your skills, goals and fulfils all your dreams!

Explore all our resorts below.

FLAG Canada Canada
The home of ice hockey, maple syrup, and snow. Offering long winters, deep pow and terrain suitable for all skiers and snowboarders, Canada is the perfect destination to enjoy the best winter of your life.
FLAG Japan2 Japan
Boasting an average of 16 metres every winter, Japan is an undeniable heavyweight in the ski industry, and the secret is out. EA Ski and Snowboard Training work with English speaking interns to offer them jobs at impressive mountain resorts and snow villages Japan-wide.
FLAG New Zealand New Zealand
Working in New Zealand will not only get you world-class NZSIA qualifications, but also access to all the other epic activities on offer…. Bungy jumping, jet boating, rafting, downhill mountain biking, rock climbing… as well as the best backpacker party scene New Zealand has to offer.
FLAG Switzerland Switzerland
Switzerland is a ski destination that should be on everyone's bucket list. Switzerland offers skiers incredible views, reliable powder and vastly interconnected ski resorts.
FLAG United States USA
Northstar Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe is EA's USA base. Northstar is one of the leading resorts in the USA. Download our USA brochure to find out more.