Ambassador Bio - Cory heads to Canada

Calendar November 23rd, 2017

Hi guys! So my name is Cory I am a 22-year-old boarder and skier who for the second season in a row is heading to Big White, Canada!

So why Big white?

Simple it's the snow with amazing champagne powder and such a diverse range of terrain there is literally somewhere new and amazing to ride each and every day! Mix that in with the great après and you end up with a great place to spend your winter season.


With the help of EA and the amazing instructors at Big White, I can't wait to develop my skills and really get my foot in the door in the ski industry! While at the same time creating some long-lasting memories with friends I will have forever! 

So why do we do it? 
Why leave your family, leave your friends and your home?

One simple reason, the best 5 months of your life! Why stay at home doing the same old stuff with the same old people when you can wake up each morning with a huge smile on your face thinking of your new days' challenges and antics! 

Trade in that daily drive or bus to work for slipping into your skis/board at your doorstep and riding to work! 


Why sit and listen to the same stories you have heard 100 times from your co-workers when you could be shredding down a mountain making memories other people only dream of? 

I challenge anybody thinking about doing a season to listen "play it safe" by Seth sentry then tell yourself what type of life do you want to live? 

Check out more from me throughout the season! 

Cory Hay 
EA Brand Ambassador