Becoming an intern with EA Ski and Snowboard - Nora's Journey

Calendar June 23rd, 2017

Take a look at what one of our newest interns, Nora from Finland, has been up to since arriving in Queenstown to begin the EA Ski and Snowboard internship:

On the first day all the interns met at the Aspen Lodge where we were living during our Level 1 training, getting to know with the new crew was really exciting and fun. We all got EA hoodies which we're wearing all the time, even when we go out! Everyone now knows the new EA interns are in town. From the start we all got on really well and feel like a little EA family. Throughout our first week together we did lots of activities including frisbee golf and the haunted house of Queenstown. We went out for pizza and drinks with some of the EA staff who were really welcoming and made us feel at home in our new town. It's great to be spending the winter with people from all over the world, with different accents and from different cultures - making the pack a bit more colourful.

Saturday 10th was the great opening of the Remarkables ski field and our much awaited first day of training. I was stoked to get started especially because I was on my skis after several years of snowboarding. The snow level was pretty low and we were all waiting for that perfect powder but considering the conditions it was a good day of training. I got a lot of training on my position and my general skiing skill which was good. I felt like an empty canvas going to the first lesson and on the next day I could just fill the holes and start learning. To start doing something from scratch is sometimes easier than trying to correct years and years of doing something wrong. I guess I had a bit of a hard time accepting to be a beginner again but when the goal is clear it's easy to work hard for it.

On our day off I used the opportunity to get on my new board, finally! So much fun cruising on fresh snow that we got the night before, almost like surfing. When it comes to my skiing it probably wasn't the best idea but for refreshing my snowboarding, it was perfect! Or as my roommate would say "lit bro!"

So what has my internship been made of so far?

Early mornings trying to catch the first bus. Early evenings and not so early evenings. Cheap food and hostel life. Fridays in the middle of the week and Sundays whenever we feel like a break. Crazy bus trips up and down the mountain. Beautiful sunrises and windy afternoons. Accents that makes our days better and sayings from everywhere, awesome people. Lots of laughs and good stuff, making every moment unforgettable and loving the winter. Good and bad skiing and a bit of snowboarding, success and learning. Sometimes everything goes wrong but we try again, we all have days of confusion and days of understanding. I'd say we're all here for the same reasons and that's why we make a great team. In a few weeks we'll hopefully be wearing those red jackets showing that we did something right.

If Nora's experience inspires you to become an EA Ski and Snowboard intern then click here to see if you qualify.