EA Ski & Snowboard Website Redesign

Calendar May 22nd, 2018

The time has arrived and we couldn’t be prouder to be able to introduce you, a fellow winter and snow lover, to our new website.

First things first, you’ll notice that we look a little different. This is because we’ve had a complete design overhaul of our website interface. We did this because we wanted to celebrate winter more. We wanted to show you more of what our interns, out there on the snow are doing. This means more photos, more videos and more of our intern's videos, telling us what they think about instructing, winters, and us here at EA Ski & Snowboard.

Here are a few of our new features in a bit more depth:

1. Our content system

This is our way of keeping you (and everyone else) up to date with our interns and our resorts. It works by pulling through our latest Instagram posts, videos, blog posts and photos relating to our resorts, in each of our 5 countries. To check out our content system, head to any of our resort pages like Big White’s here.

2. Reviews from our EA Alumni

This is where all of our intern videos come to life. We love to celebrate the great time that our interns have each year and often we video them and chuck it up on our youtube channel. This is great but we put our heads together and decided that, because they’re so great, these videos need more of a pride of place! Hence why, now, when you head to our website you will see our previous interns chatting to you in our ‘reviews from EA Alumni’ section. Check it out here!

3. Resort map

Have you ever heard someone ask where Alberta and British Columbia are in Canada or what the proximity of Cypress is to Lake Louise ski resort? Cause we have…. And in response to this, one of our sites new features is a country map with each of resort is represented by a pink dot. As you click on each dot, you will be able to read up on that resort and head to its corresponding resort page (MAGIC!).

INLINE new website

4. The resource center

Just between us, this may be our favourite new feature! Our resource center, is as the name suggests a resource centre to learn more about how you can get started in the snow sports industry, progress your instructing career and pre-departure information for your winter season abroad. This is the centre for all things snowsports instructing. Click here to check it out!

5. Job vacancies page

If you’re a qualified instructor looking to gain further qualifications and guaranteed employment at the same time, then this section is for you. With over 30 resort partners around the world, we have job opportunities in 5 countries. Check out our instructor jobs here and find out where qualified ski or snowboard instructors can accept a guaranteed job offer, complete more training and increase their certifications.