Easiest way to become a ski instructor – Moana Meyer – Blog 4

Calendar December 19th, 2013

Moana Meyer is one of our interns who is lucky enough to be based at Cypress in Canada for the EA ski instructor course. Its crunch time - exams! Catch up on her progress here:

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I'm in the middle of my exam now. I have two days of training left, two days to polish off my skiing and teaching. Hopefully, in two days I'll be a fully-fledged ski instructor! I'm already scheduled in to work next week; a bit premature but I'll take it as a good sign.

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The past three weeks of training were amazing. It's been incredibly fun and I've learnt so much. I never realized just how technical skiing is until I took this course.
It'll be interesting to have to explain it to beginners!

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On one of our rare free days Josh, a skier, swapped gear with Joe, a boarder. I taught Joe how to ski while Lynsey taught Josh how to board. Joe's skiing was really impressive. He picked it up really quickly and was speeding down blue runs in no time. It was such a great feeling to see him get it; I can't wait 'till that's my job!

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Contrary to what I'd heard would happen, it snowed in Vancouver! Waking up in the morning to snowflakes drifting past your window is thrilling. It was a really fun day; EA shouted us brunch at a local diner and we found a frozen fountain which some were brave enough to run across. Mel, the snowboard instructor, had a spectacular fall but luckily the ice held! The snow's gone now, but I think this counts as a white Christmas.

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