How to get ready for ready for the ultimate internship programme

Calendar May 18th, 2017

Meet Nora from Finland!

Nora is joining us this winter in Queenstown New Zealand to become a qualified instructor and work for NZSKI at the famous Remarkable’s ski resort and Coronet Peak!  

Queenstown locals say snow in May does not stay... Snow in June still too soon… However, a storm is brewing this weekend, so Nora has packed away her Jodhpurs, broken out her ski jacket and is en route south.


IMGGet to know Nora..

Every morning I wake up 15 to 5 to make my coffee and to drive to the horse stables. Riding makes me feel free; it’s like having that perfect powder day or a breath taking sunset surf session but not as good as either of those two. That's the reason why I'm ready to start something new, to turn the page and head for new adventures. 

So how am I getting ready for the ultimate internship programme?

Yes you heard right I'm heading to Queenstown this winter to be an EA Ski & Snowboard Brand Ambassador and to get qualified as a ski instructor, pretty cool I think.

My gear is pretty much sorted! Mom is coming over from Abu Dhabi to visit, so I got her to bring my winter clothing and boots all the way from Finland. My snowboard arrived a couple of months ago from Christchurch and my skis are still in search. I also got my mom to bring me some rye bread and Finnish chocolate to fuel up my body so I can keep fuelled when going to the gym!

I’m like a little child waiting for Christmas!  The hardest part is ahead, to leave. Not to mention I have to say goodbye to this little beautiful little town by the ocean, to everyone who made my time here unforgettable.

That's the story of every traveller and that's the beauty of the journey, to meet new people and to learn something new every day. So now, I'm watching the webcams to the slopes and dreaming about the perfect morning rides. My body and my mind are both ready for this adventure. Because I have already lived in NZ for a while, I don't have to worry about any paper work, visas, bank accounts etc. All I need to get ready is my camera and my gear. I am so excited to be a brand ambassador this winter!

How am I getting ready for my internships?

Well, I’m getting ready by watching EA Ski & Snowboards live webinars and reading blogs and tips from previous interns. I do not think I've ever been this prepared to anything before, bring it on winter 2017!

Keep an eye out for updated form Nora’s winter season experience in Queenstown New Zealand!

If you’re interested in becoming a qualified instructor and get paid to ski at work class resorts click the link below to see if you qualify for one of our internships!