Nico embarks on a life-changing course to become a ski instructor

Calendar November 22nd, 2017

Oi Oi fellow shredders of the Snow, lend me your ear for a moment so I can talk about myself…… So this winter 17/18 I shall be embarking on what I consider a life-changing course as a Brand Ambassador & ski Internship fellow in Club Med Hokkaido, Japan.

Let me tell you what brought me to join EA Ski & Snowboard training on a ski internship in Japan this season.  

I come from a land of mountains, castles, and dragons where the tradition of storytelling is alive and well today as it was centuries ago. If you haven’t sussed it out yet its little old Cymru also known as Wales, which is part of the United Kingdom. 


Having worked in the Private security sector as a Team Leader where I spent far too much of my time in countries where the mere mention of snow confused folks and then having to explain my passion for those bluebird days and a damn fine goggle tans made me want it more. These conversations with new work colleagues would continue for months during my contracts which only made the separation unbearable as I power pointed the images of those Alpine days on my phone.


My expertise is teaching and thankfully it’s my second love to the snow and having worked in a Multi-language environment I enjoyed the challenge of coaching and passing on my knowledge to people whose first language isn’t always English, and then watching them progress through the use of explanation, demonstration, and imitation. 


So what better job than to become one of those people everyone envies because your job is to instruct and ski every day in glorious mountain landscapes. So folks lock in that name Nico as you'll be seeing a fair bit of content from yours truly.