Ski Instructor Course Lake Louise Canada

Calendar March 30th, 2012

Its been snowing bucket loads of powder on EA's Ski Instructor Courses at Lake Louise Canada. Naemie is having the best year out, heres here latest update out in the snow.

The season here at Lake Louise is well underway, over halfway through in fact! It’s scary to think that we only have around 7 weeks left! Time has just flown by – way too fast! We’re currently experiencing a massive “dump” of powder, so the skiing is amazing (although it’s fairly challenging not to fall over - as James demonstrates here! haha). We’ve been doing lots of tree runs and going off piste to find fresh tracks!


A few Monday nights ago we met the 11-week EA crew, and went downstairs to the stables to have a few drinks and a dance. We’ve seen them round and about in the lodge and they all seem to be enjoying themselves!

During our Level 2 Training we have focused on moguls, intermediate parallel turns, separation, carving and park. Level 2 Training is a massive step up from our Level 1 Training, it is much more challenging and demanding, but twice as much fun! During this time I’ve managed to conquer my fears of riding the Poma button lift, skiing ER7 and Whitehorn 2 – which I’m very pleased about!



The Blue Ball was held on 27th February – this is a night put on for Ski School where the dress code is blue! It was a fantastic night, and everybody made a special effort to stick to the blue theme! I went for a traditional blue Mexican outfit!

Emma signed us up for a torchlight event - without really knowing what it was. I’m so glad she did though! We were pulled up Easy Street by skidoo, holding 2 metre long bamboo poles - flares attached to each end; the flares were lit once we’d gotten to the top, and then we skied down in a ‘snake’ to the bottom - this was a performance for a party that was being held in the Ten Peaks Lodge. It was absolutely amazing skiing in the dark, whilst holding flares to light the way. Before we skied down, we all stood at the top of the run just appreciating how lucky we all were to be part of such a unique and special event.

I’ve had to say farewell to my other big toenail a couple of weeks ago, it managed to hang on a little longer than the other, but it finally decided to fall off! As well as the loss of my toenail, I’ve also had to replace my skis, as they came completely apart down one side the other day! I’m not doing too well when it comes to ski equipment, as I’ve already had to replace my ski boots! However I have been able to upgrade my skis for a new pair that are much more suited to my level of skiing, as my first pair were more of a beginner set of skis.

Update you soon!
Naems :)