Start your career as a ski or snowboard instructor

Calendar July 17th, 2017

Thinking of a career as a snow sports instructor or looking for a gap year experience?

EA Ski & Snowboard Training offer paid ski and snowboard instructor internships, giving you all the tools to start your epic winter season! 

An Instructor Internship with EA will save you BIG BUCKS! 
EA Ski and Snowboard Training offer the best way to guarantee your job offer, this is the main reason hundreds of fervent skiers and snowboarders choose us to make their transition into the exciting snow industry! Something you possibly didn’t realise is that EA actually saves you money!!

EA are the snow career specialists 
The Kiwi born directors grew up with snow in their veins and have built the company grounded on the ambitions of young skiers and snowboarders wanting to travel and gain international instructor qualifications. Our Operations Manager is a long standing member of the snow community with instructing experience in every one of our amazing locations. Working with our Ops Manager is a dedicated crew of training consultants, on-snow trainers and the marketing team who are all passionate about snow life and chasing the endless seasons! This experience means each aspect of the EA winter internships are vetted and taken for a full test drive before we run the program!

What do you pay for? 
We often get asked what the biggest cost factor is with running our programs, it’s a difficult one to answer because if you calculate the price of years of market research and the cost of us all living and working winter seasons around the globe, making invaluable contacts, understanding the logistics of all 22 locations, then packaging the internship WITH A JOB so you don’t have to pace the streets looking for work, beg, borrow or steal your instructor training and source accommodation, the financial savings are only half the benefits. 

Why EA over other programs? 
The best thing about an internship with EA is that we walk and talk you through your introduction to the industry. If you grew up skiing everyday, your parents worked as lifties and your great grandfather invented snowboarding, this program IS NOT FOR YOU!! The EA internship is for people who love skiing and snowboarding and want to make the transition into a snow career but need the support to successfully train, qualify and work on snow. You can bypass the years of grovelling and volunteering and step straight into a paid position.

If your interested in becoming a ski or snowboard instructor download your free guide here today to get started..