Why you SHOULDN’T join an instructor course?

Calendar June 11th, 2018

Becoming a Ski or Snowboard Instructor is the dream job and lifestyle. Or isn’t it?

Here we will investigate some of the top reasons why you shouldn’t probably join an instructor course.


You will probably be the envy of ALL your friends

The simple reality is not everyone gets the opportunity to chase the winters year-round and get paid for it. Behind the amazing Instagram posts and magazine quality shots. You may lose some friend’s along the way that just cannot handle that some people can live in this heightened state of reality.


That University degree may take a back seat…for now

Let’s face it, being where you love and doing what you love are the most important ideals in life to live by. In a world full of expectation on how one should live their life, that curiosity can easily get the better of you. Throw in some epic experiences, amazing people (that appear to be uncannily like yourself) and you may be pinching yourself wondering “was this the 8th or 9th season I have done now?”.


You may get more than what you bargained for 

Now we can’t make the claim that you will fall for the love of your life when doing an instructor program. But the simple reality is most people doing a season abroad do not necessarily know how the path ahead will unfold entirely. You may have a hunch. But before you know it, you may be asking this question standing neck deep in powder in Niseko, Japan - wondering “how did I get here?” and “is someone actually paying me to do this?


People may question what you do for your REAL job

In which case you politely reply - with no hint of sarcasm of course

My real job has the biggest office space in the world, with wide sweeping views. Amazing air conditioning and I sometimes actually forget that I am working (silly me!). My boss gets super excited on powder days and I often must travel to many different countries around the world for my profession, with a compulsory stop in a beach resort between seasons. It’s a real drag honestly!

So there you have it! You should join an instructor course because this could be YOUR job! 

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