How does the guaranteed job offer work?


Since 2006, EA Ski & Snowboard Training have sought to enable passionate skiers and snowboarders around the world chase their love for this sport and give them a leg up in this industry. Like other industries and careers around the world, it is hard to get a job if you have no experience. That is why our program is designed to train participants, get them qualified and then also provide a guaranteed job offer so that they can become ski instructors and can get that valuable work experience within their first season.

Why is experience so essential in this industry?

The training and certification from EA Ski & Snowboard provide interns all of the necessary knowledge, qualifications and skills needed to be an excellent ski or snowboard instructor. However, like any industry, experience is key and much like university, a piece of paper is hard to justify until you’ve got some work experience behind you to back it up.

We understand how tough it is to get a foot in the door, especially in such a competitive industry as snowsports instruction. That is why each of our ski or snowboard courses also include a guaranteed job offer either in the same season (Instructor internship) or in the following season (Instructor training course).

Moreover, everyone knows that when you start your first job, things are a little shaky at first. What you really need is support, understanding and the right environment to cultivate what you have learnt during training and qualification into competent instructing.

Because the guaranteed job offer component is within the same season as your training and qualifying, the information fresh in your mind. There are also resort reps based in each of our resorts, there to support you as you transition into your job. Our resorts are also great at making sure their new instructors are adequately prepared for their first lessons with things such as shadowing, company inductions and peer support systems.

How do I know what resort will be best for me?

We have over 30 resorts in 5 countries so we understand that it can be hard to narrow down the options. Your citizenship will determine what working holiday visa's you are eligible for and this can be helpful when deciding which country to head to. Each of our resorts have unique features. Because of this, some resorts can sell-out well in advance. For example, Club Med, in Japan is the only resort to include a guaranteed salary. 

To ensure that you can select your favourite resort, we recommend you plan one season in advance. Check availability for the two upcoming seasons.

We encourage you to have a good look at all of our resorts here and learn more about all of the resorts before you decide which one is right for you. 

When you say guaranteed job offer, is there a catch?

The guaranteed job offer is an arrangement between EA Ski & Snowboard training and your chosen resort, whereby everyone on our program has a job position waiting for them. Accepting a job offer is conditional on passing your level 1 ski or snowboard instructors examination and abiding by any other terms of employment*, alongside showing the behaviour/conduct expected of a professional ski or snowboard instructor. Although we have a 99% pass rate, occasionally interns do fail their first examination. If this occurs, EA Ski & Snowboard Training work with the individual intern, the examination body and the resort to arrange a resit. In the past, our resorts have been able to provide alternative work until the resit occurred however this is assessed on a case by case basis and not a guarantee.

*This varies between resorts. Please see full terms and conditions for more information.


How do I know whether this course will be right for me?

No one understands the journey of becoming a ski instructor with EA Ski & Snowboard better than the people who made the same journey themselves so we will let previous interns answer this question for you.



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