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Kian In Big White, Canada

"It's one of the best experiences I've ever had and one of the best decisions I have ever made deciding to come out here."

Robin In Castle Mountain, Canada

"...opportunity you get to ski everyday and enjoy the mountain."

Izzy & Liv In Cypress, Canada

"On the snow everyday. There's nothing I'd want more. It was just such a nice experience."

Daisy In Queenstown, New Zealand

"What made you pick EA? EA provided the most. Other courses were similar but this one just stood out more."

Allison In Mount Hutt, New Zealand

"EA is amazing. They set everything up, so that, all you have to focus on is the work you are doing and improving."

Colin In Grouse Snow School Manager

"Tons of snow, tons of fun, lots of work and really good chance to get your foot in the door in the industry."

Tom In Lake Louise, Canada

"The thing I like most about being an instructor is the ability to be able to teach on the mountain on a daily basis."

Charlie In Shiga Kogen, Japan

"I wanted to do the EA program, in Shiga Kogen, to experience the Japow and develop my skiing ability as well as experiencing a new culture."
EA Ski & Snowboard Course Review Sean Australia

Sean, Australia

Evergreen, Ski internship, Japan

The powder is insanely deep, on Tuesday I was skiing in powder 1m deep and it’s just generally wicked in the trees as well!! Teaching has been awesome, my favourite moment was teaching an 8-year-old, I had him on the first day he'd ever skied. I then had him on and off over the next 4 days, and on his final day, I was able to teach him to ski parallel down steeper intermediate slopes which was absolutely awesome!
EA Ski & Snowboard Course Review Cory Australia

Cory, Australia

Big White, Dual internship, Canada

The best 5 months of your life! Why stay at home doing the same old stuff with the same old people when you can wake up each morning with a huge smile on your face thinking of your new day's challenges and antics! I challenge anybody thinking about doing a season to listen "play it safe" by Seth sentry then tell yourself what type of life do you want to live?
EA Ski & Snowboard Course Review Elizabeth Hong Kong

Elizabeth, Hong Kong

Queenstown, Instructor Internship, NZ

EA made my life pretty easy! The fact that everything is pretty much arranged and all I have to do is show up to training, work hard on my skiing and also get an invaluable experience working with NZSki is an opportunity that gave me more than I could ever have asked for.
EA Ski & Snowboard Course Review Juliana Canada

Juliana, Canada

Cypress, Ski internship, Canada

Hey EA!I just wanted to say thanks for a great season. It was way better than I had imagined and having awesome trainers, roommates, and group really helped! Thanks again for the wonderful experience!
EA Ski & Snowboard Course Review Jas United Kingdom

Jas, United Kingdom

Norquay, Ski internship, Canada

Work has been good - so much better than an office job. The best moment teaching is when it suddenly clicks for someone and they get the hang of it! I've made loads of amazing friends and I'm thinking of doing a second season in Canada for sure.
EA Ski & Snowboard Course Review Maddy Australia

Maddy, Australia

Canyons, Snowboard internship, Japan

Been awesome so far, I’ve loved every second. I passed the level 1 which I was so happy about I’m now thinking of going for my level 2 at the end of March. Starting work was fun and I think went smoothly, favourite teaching moment is too hard as there’s been so many, I’ve really enjoyed it when I’ve seen people progress massively.

Philippa, England

Niseko, Ski internship, Japan

One of the first things people asked me when I said I was doing a season in Japan was ‘You can ski in Japan?’ And I can now say yes, you really can, not only can you ski you also get to ski some of the best powder and off-piste in the world. I have never seen so much snow in my entire life, from November to February it just didn't seem to stop.

Eva, Germany

Lake Louise, training program, Canada

Thursday morning we couldn’t believe our eyes. It had snowed all night and the mountains were covered in loads of fresh powder snow. This was the first time this season that we had this much fresh powder. The day was probably the best day ever. Our instructor took us down the sickest tree runs and mogul slopes. Every one of us had a blast and could’ve kept skiing in the deep fluffy snow for ages.

Mitch, Australia

Cypress, Ski Internship, Canada

After those warm up sessions our real training started, with many days of intensive ski improvement ranging from perfecting a pizza, to fine tuning edge control, all while learning about how to teach toddlers and adults, and how to look after our ski equipment. The training was unreal and the difference in all of our skiing over the course of the training, or even just day to day is staggering.

Josh, Australia

Club Med, Instructor Internship, Japan

I had an incredible season. So many friends, so many memories! I learnt so much about skiing, about teaching, and about communicating with a variety of nationalities and social backgrounds. EA made the whole training process so easy. Their job was to train us and get us prepared for the exam, which is exactly what happened.


Ski Instructor, Hakuba Ski School

I did the EA course last year. I’m actually returning to Japan again this year for my second season. I would recommend everyone to try EA if you’re thinking about getting into the ski industry. Japan’s an awesome place to come. Great snow, good laugh and it’s good to explore the culture and things as well so yeah, come out here!


Revelstoke Ski Instructor Training Internship
I did EA last year at Revelstoke mountain resort. It was a great way to get into instructing. You get trained up by the best pros on the mountain and then you’re teaching by Christmas. You also just improve your skiing – you’ll be a billion times better skier, you’ll be able to hit all the gnarly stuff up there so yeah – totally recommend EA to you guys.


Big White Ski Resort Ski Internship - 3 Seasons Later

The best part of the program was the guys who trained us. The standard of coaching you got here was just sensational. Those guys know everything about skiing and can do anything they want to do on skis so they pass that knowledge on.


Queenstown Snowboard Instructor Internship

I came here to New Zealand on EA because I just love snowsports. The EA program is just incredible. They make it simple to get here, they’re very accommodating, they plan everything. In total, it’s been a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys snowsports and wants to become an instructor.

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"The most valuable lesson I learned on my internship program and since becoming a ski instructor is not to take it all so seriously.  Yes, I want to be the best ski instructor I can be. However, I also became an instructor for the lifestyle, which is to have fun and travel!"

Josh Earle - Ski Instructor Internship, Club Med, Japan

"Almost two weeks into ski instructing and absolutely loving it! I’m having the best time over here. Made so many new friends and have learned so much about my own skiing. It was such a great benefit to have EA to set me up for the first few weeks. Everyone from our EA group is really close and we’re a bit like a little family!"

Emma Ross Smith - Ski Instructor Internship, Northstar, U.S.A

"Absolutely loved it here, meeting new friends and starting my way through a new career, everyone has been really friendly and helpful. The work was good and gave me so much more confidence going into the level 2 with that teaching under my belt."

Alastair - United Kingdom - Ski Instructor Internship, Queenstown, NZ

"Going really well over here. Passed the level 1 course with flying colours. Loving working here, really relaxed and fun. Haven't had an outstanding favourite moment as everything has just been so good."

Jonathan - Australia - Ski internship, Canyons, Japan

"My favourite part of the program was getting to meet other people who are also in love with the snow was a great experience. But of course getting to improve my own riding and getting to spend the season teaching was THE highlight for myself."

Josh - Canada - Ski internship, Lake Louise, Canada

"The training we had access too was outstanding both practically and theoretically, the trainers really get you skiing to the best of your abilities."

Anonymous - Ski internship, Revelstoke, Canada

"My favourite part of the program was developing a connection with a group of people before we even got to Tahoe [during the orientation]. It really eased my nerves going into this new environment. I’ve made connections I’ll keep forever."

Mateo - United States - Ski internship, Northstar, USA

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