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Why Choose EA?

Why is EA's guaranteed job offer so important?

Operating since 2005 we were the first company to create and arrange instructor internship programs which include a job placement immediately after the training and exam. We now have employment positions at the World’s top ski schools which are exclusive to EA participants. This allows us to guarantee a job offer to participants before they have left home.

What is availability like for our programs?

Each year we sell out and have to tell people they have missed out (which we don’t enjoy), places are so limited because we have a set number of employment positions to fill at each of the ski schools we work with. For an availability update, just get in touch!

Why do people after their instructor course with other providers say, they wish they had joined EA?

We often hear from those who have been through a different course with a competitor who says this because they are struggling to find work. Even after finishing an instructor course with a level 2 certification, if you have no real experience teaching it is almost impossible to get a job as an instructor. This is why our Instructor Internship Program is so popular. We do run some 11-week training programs without work, however, we also set these up so our participants can arrange to instruct work for their following season if they wish.

When I join an internship program will you provide assistance with finding accommodation for the season?

Yes. At most of our locations, the accommodation where you stay during the level 1 training and exam part of the program is available for you to stay on in for the remainder of the season. At some locations staff housing is available. At other locations, we will put you in touch with other course participants and provide you with resources and assistance for finding accommodation.

How can EA offer courses in more locations than any other company?

Through fostering positive and longstanding relationships with international resorts we have established an industry-wide reputation for being a reliable provider of high-quality training programs and internships. This reputation has allowed us to engage with more snow sports schools, in more locations around the world than any other company. This means we can offer a more extensive range of programs for you to choose from.

Where can I find out more about EA Ski & Snowboard?

You can read more about us on our website. You can also review evidence such as comments and videos from the ski school which we work with. There are plenty of independent reviews and articles online with comments from our previous participants. We are happy to put you in touch with previous participants and other contacts where possible. Our Facebook page is also a good place to check out photos and posts from past clients. Many of our partner resorts also have information about our program on their websites.

Can I hear what others have said about their course with EA?

Yes, we always encourage people to get feedback from others who have come with EA and are proud of the great feedback we receive. For specific testimonies from participants and/or parents please contact us, or check out our reviews page for a range of videos and comments.

How long has EA Ski and Snowboard Training been running instructor courses?

EA has been operating instructor courses around the world for over 10 years. The number of new instructors that come through has increased every year. We started with eight in our first year in the USA, with hundreds now getting certified and teaching every year in countries including USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Why should I choose EA over other training companies?

Our team have spent over a decade establishing relationships with the World’s top ski schools. This means that on an instructor internship program with us you have the added advantage of becoming a fully-fledged member of staff with all the benefits; often including staff accommodation, discounts on food, equipment and transport. This means that while our program prices reflect the work required to set up these programs we do not have to charge as much as other companies offering training programs. Our courses include all the necessary ingredients for success and are the best value programs available.

What is EA’s policies on inclusion and diversity?

EA is committed to providing an equitable environment that enables all individuals to reach their potential. We recognise that an inclusive and diverse culture provides a greater variety of views and ideas that lead to better outcomes. To work towards this vision we have the following policies:

Governing Culture and support

All staff and participants should promote a culture of inclusion that values and respects individual differences and is free of harassment, victimisation and discrimination. Our staff

Global Partners

Our global partners are chosen in line with local and national regulatory and compliance obligations in relation to diversity and inclusion. We also prioritise partnerships where work practices and workplace facilities provide the flexibility needed to support an inclusive and diverse culture, and there is equal access to all employees for skills development and career path progression.

Student Recruitment

EA does not discriminate by race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or sexuality.


Each year we provide one applicant a program place for no charge under our ‘scholarship program’. Consideration is given to under-represented groups and financial hardship.

About The Programs

Are all the instructor courses English speaking?

All courses provided from EA Ski and Snowboard are conducted in English. if you do have some experience speaking another language, this can be a great asset as an instructor, in particular countries like Switzerland.

Will I be guaranteed a job through the EA instructor internship program?

The Instructor Internship guarantees a conditional job offer. EA works with top resorts around the world to secure employment positions for a limited number of newly qualified instructors. We pre-screen all participants prior to offering a position on the program. EA and the resorts limit the number of participants going to a particular resort, so everyone booked on to our program has a job position waiting for them. There are conditions associated with the job offers which include passing the level 1 exam, abiding by the applicable terms of employment (just like all other staff) and showing the required professional attitude and application during the training period. With some resorts there are also specific conditions such as requiring a first aid certification, which we will discuss with you if applicable for your resort. This means the job is there waiting for you, so long as you put in the effort required on your side also.

What if my school/university exams don't finish until after the course has started, can I join late?

Providing it's not too late and we know the situation up front you are able to join the program at a later date.

Do I need my own ski or snowboard equipment?

Yes. If you have gear already - even if it's old, bring it with you. This saves the pressure of having to get new gear when you arrive. If you don‟t have gear already then it is super important (especially for skiers) that you have correct boot fitting from someone close to where you are working - which means waiting until you arrive. Our on ground representative, your trainers and shop assistants will be able to offer guidance and advice when you arrive on the best skis or snowboard to buy also. At most locations, our EA on ground representative will arrange a group gear session at a local sports shop and as a trainee instructor, you will receive a store discount too.

If I am on an Internship Program do you provide assistance with finding accommodation for the season?

Yes. At most of our locations the accommodation where you stay during the level 1 training and exam part of the program is available for you to stay on in for the remainder of the season. At some locations staff housing is available. At other locations we will put you in touch with other course participants and provide you with resources and assistance for finding accommodation.

What happens if I get injured during the season and can’t finish the season?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. It is important that you have comprehensive travel insurance in place to cover your medical costs and any course components you are unable to attend. Travel insurance should be bought through our nominated agent unless the cover through that agent is not adequate for your personal requirements. Check out our insurance options here.

On an internship program how do the program components fit in with my work and time off?

Extra course components such as dedicated level 2 training, first aid courses and avalanche course etc are scheduled at quieter times throughout the remainder of the season so as not to interfere with work. The timing of these events will vary from season to season and the schedule will be set by us and your resort. If you want extra time off during the season you will be able to request this through the ski school. You should where possible avoid asking for time off during busy work periods. "Make hay while the sun shines"!

How does EA take someone from an intermediate level, to a working instructor getting paid within 4 weeks?

On arrival an intensive development program including training and an examination sets you up for success. It is put together and delivered by the best in the World and focuses on the key things you need to both pass the level 1 exam, and confidently teach a beginner lesson. The technical level of skiing or riding required to pass a level 1 exam is competently linking parallel (for skiers) turns on blue (intermediate) terrain. Our trainers will get you up to speed and show you the essential ingredients for success.

What sort of support does EA provide prior to and during the program?

Your training consultant will be your main point of contact prior to the start of your program. You will receive a candidate checklist detailing all the steps that need to be actioned prior to arriving into resort. Once you arrive at your destination country you will meet your EA on ground representative who will take over as your main point of contact and mentor for the duration of the program. Our on ground representatives are typically in resort trainers and/or examiners with a wealth of knowledge and experience, something that will really benefit you throughout the winter season. We also have other means of support available to you pre, post and during your program. EA will also set up a specific Facebook group page to enable you to meet and chat with others on the same program. Head office will check-in with you throughout the season with general updates and competition news. We find this is a great opportunity to provide us with some feedback on your experience.

What is a ski or snowboard internship?

In a nutshell, an Internship with EA is a full winter season program including training, qualifications and a guaranteed job offer. The Internship is unique in the fact that it includes a job offer. The job offer is one of the most valuable and appealing aspects of the Internship Program. In general, it's very hard for someone to get a foot in the door as a first-year instructor. Ski and snowboard schools are generally looking for qualified instructors with practical on the job experience - our Internship Programs offer someone who has no qualifications or instructing experience the opportunity to step into a ski or snowboard school and start living the dream.

At EA we put a significant amount of time and resource in behind the scenes in bringing the job offers to you. Learn more about our instructor internships here.

Application Process

Can you tell me more about the pre-screening or program acceptance process for an internship?

Topics that will be covered include ski or snowboard ability, relevant teaching experience and/or experience working with children, previous employment, availability and commitment for the duration of the winter season. For most resorts, it's not essential that you are an amazing or expert skier or snowboarder but we do require you to be able to comfortably link turns on at least intermediate level terrain. As a first season instructor, you will initially teach beginners which requires you to be a good instructor rather than an expert skier or snowboarder. The training program will cover the progressions required to teach with ease. And as you gain experience and confidence you will work with higher level classes!

If I am interested in an EA internship program how do I find out more and apply?

When you initially enquire, one of our training consultants will give you a call to talk through your goals and objectives, your experience and abilities and course options. From here they will help you with any questions and narrow down program and course options best suited to you. Prior to offering you a placement, you will be required to have an informal phone interview with a training consultant. Click here to contact us.

Visa & Travel Arrangements

Will I require a travel or work visa?

Our training consultants will advise you on any visa requirements. Generally speaking those on a 3 to 11 Week or Full Season Training Program will be able to enter their destination country on a Visa Waiver. For an EA Internship Program a work visa, or Citizenship is generally required. If you require a work visa it is important that you get this underway, processed and confirmed as soon as possible. We will provide you with visa application instructions as outlined by the issuing consulate, embassy or agencies. Check out this helpful blog on getting your Working Holiday Visa.

What happens when I first arrive to my destination country?

If you are taking part in the arrival orientation, your EA on ground representative will meet you at the airport on arrival. Our Arrival Orientations typically include:

  • Airport welcome and hotel transfer
  • Accommodation including breakfast
  • An evening meal at a local restaurant with other program participants
  • City sightseeing
  • A day to organize any required tax ID numbers, bank accounts, mobile phones (if required)
  • Ground transfer to your training resort

If you are not taking part in the arrival orientation, we will ensure you have contact with the EA on ground representative to ensure you get the right travel plans sorted to meet the rest of the group in Resort.

Payments & Prices

How do I know that my payments to EA will be financially secure?

Educating Adventures holds an ATOL licence issued by the CAA in the UK. You can see this is in place and current by visiting the CAA website and putting in our ATOL number, 9231. As part of holding an ATOL we are required to annually reapply to the CAA for a licence renewal which involves financial checks and an audit.

How much money should I take with me?

If you are joining an Internship Program then to apply for a Working Holiday Visa applicants are typically required to have proof of funds e.g. CAN$2,500, AUD$2,500, GBP£1,500, NZ$2,500. Whether you are a citizen or on a working holiday visa, we suggest that this amount is set aside and available for use where there is a lack of work or unforeseen circumstances. Also, bear in mind that you will not earn money for the first month. If you are on a 3 to 11 Week or Full Season Training Program take enough money to cover your food and extra entertainment. The price of food will be similar to home but bear in mind that eating at ski resorts is more expensive than at the supermarket.

Can I pay for the course in installments?

Our payment schedule typically requires a deposit payment (normally $2000 USD/NZD) to secure your place, followed by a second deposit and a final payment. Your training consultant will discuss amounts, options and timing with you. All payments must be received prior to the commencement of the program.

Is accommodation included in the program fee?

For those on a 3 to 11 Week or Full Season Training Program accommodation is included in your program fee. If you are joining an Internship Program accommodation costs are included in the program fee for the duration of the level 1 training and exam part of the program which is usually the first 3 to 4 weeks. After this time participants start work and they take overpaying for their own accommodation. Below is an idea of monthly accommodation prices by country. Prices will depend on factors such as the type of accommodation, location and the number of others you live with.

  • United States: US$300-600 per month
  • Canada: CA$300-650 per month
  • Japan: JPY20,000-50,000 per month
  • New Zealand: NZ$300-600 per month
  • Switzerland: CHF400-700 per month

Keep in mind that some accommodation options require a bond/damage deposit and or payments in advance.

Where can I get a detailed list of program inclusions and exclusions?

On our website you will be able to see a table detailing program inclusions and exclusions, click here to view. Because we have participants coming from all over the world flights and travel insurance are not included in our program prices.

Working As An Instructor & Instructor Exams

What are pass rates like for the instructor exam and what happens if I don't pass the exam on the first attempt?

Historically we have had pass rates of 98% in the level 1 exams. As long as you study hard and have the right attitude you should have no trouble with this part of the course. If for some reason you didn't pass the exam first time around, you‟ll be able to re-sit at the next available exam (you would need to pay for this yourself). If you are on an Internship Program you may be offered the opportunity to work in a non-instructing role until you passed.

What are the hourly pay rates on an EA Instructor Internship Program?

Below is an idea of the hourly rates by country. During the season you may also receive bonuses and incentives based on factors such as group numbers, working with younger children, private lesson requests, seeing the season through until completion. The exact rate of pay will depend on the resort you are going to.

• United States: USD $20-22 per hour approx.
• Canada: CAD $18-20 per hour approx.
• Japan: JPY ¥1500-2000 per hour approx.
• New Zealand: NZD $20-23 per hour approx.
• Switzerland: CHF ₣18-30 per hour approx.

Keep in mind that you will get paid for the hours you work. Lessons are typically morning, afternoon or full day, i.e. 6 hours. Ski school managers and supervisors spread work around evenly but the more you put your hand up, and show a positive ‘can do’ attitude the more you will succeed and be successful during the season. If you complete your level II exam during the season your pay rate will also increase.

How much can I expect to earn on an EA instructor internship program?

At many resorts, participants should be able to support themselves i.e. cover basic living costs such as food and accommodation during the season. As a first-year instructor hours during the season can vary a lot and are subject to factors such as snow conditions, client demand and holiday times. Over the busy holiday periods e.g. Christmas-New Year, President holiday, spring break weeks, Easter, school breaks and other long weekends there is typically lots of work and participants may be required to work 5-6 or even 7 days a week. Participants can (although most don't) obtain another job outside of the ski resort if they would like and are able to do so under the conditions of their visa. During other times of the season, it can be a lot quieter so this is a chance to have more time off, visit other resorts and complete Ultimate Plus Program course components.

If you are joining an Internship Program then to apply for a Working Holiday Visa applicants are typically required to have proof of funds e.g. CAN$2,500, AUD$2,500, GBP£1,500, NZ$2,500. Whether you are a citizen or on a working holiday visa, we suggest that this amount is set aside and available for use where there is a lack of work or unforeseen circumstances.

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"...opportunity you get to ski everyday and enjoy the mountain."

Izzy & Liv In Cypress, Canada

"On the snow everyday. There's nothing I'd want more. It was just such a nice experience."

Daisy In Queenstown, New Zealand

"What made you pick EA? EA provided the most. Other courses were similar but this one just stood out more."

Allison In Mount Hutt, New Zealand

"EA is amazing. They set everything up, so that, all you have to focus on is the work you are doing and improving."

Colin In Grouse Snow School Manager

"Tons of snow, tons of fun, lots of work and really good chance to get your foot in the door in the industry."

Tom In Lake Louise, Canada

"The thing I like most about being an instructor is the ability to be able to teach on the mountain on a daily basis."

Charlie In Shiga Kogen, Japan

"I wanted to do the EA program, in Shiga Kogen, to experience the Japow and develop my skiing ability as well as experiencing a new culture."

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