Top tips to make the most of spring skiing

Calendar March 14th, 2018

Here at EA Ski & Snowboard, we have put together our list of tips to make the most of spring skiing in resort! 

1. Try something new!

Your not charging pow so now's a great time to work on your skills! Have you been wanting to learn how to tail butter for awhile now? Or maybe you want to go inverted or stomp the L jump in the terrain park. With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of softer, slushier snow. The consequence of landing on this type of snow versus landing on ice is much less. Of course, you can still hurt yourself when you're trying something physical and challenging such as a new trick. You will need to assess your own risk and only try things that are within your ability. 

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2. Make the most of the spring crowds

The arrival of spring often means fewer crowds on the mountain. This means more runs for you and less time standing in lift queues. 

3. Take advantage of spring deals. 

The shops need to clear their stock as they're nearing the end of winter so this is the perfect time to nab a great deal on the new skis you've been looking at or even last seasons Oakley goggles. 

4. Ski in the morning

The snow is firmer in the morning, so the morning is the time to smash the groomers. As the sun gets higher in the sky, start making your way higher up the mountain for the better snow. Remember though that the quality and type of snow has changed dramatically from the middle of winter so try and avoid the deeper stuff on the sides. Take it from us, that's going to be heavy, slushy snow and just - hard work!! 

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5. Enjoy apres ski!

The suns out and those long winter days are over. It's time to find your sunhat, shades and chill on the side of the slopes with a beer in hand and friends around you. 

6. Make the most of the conditions

The snows not going to be around that much longer so make the most of it while its there. Improve your skill, challenge yourself on the softened bumps and groomers. There's no time like spring! 

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Finally just get out there... snows fun no matter how slushy it is!! 

Want to join us for some spring skiing next season? Download your instructor starter guide here to find out more about how you can make this a possibility!