Day in the Life of a Ski Instructor

Calendar May 29th, 2012


For those thinking about becoming a ski instructor and want to know what it's like we asked new instructors Jess (J) and Rob (R) in Canada exactly what they do day to day and if the rumors are true...

Q: Why did you decide to become a Ski Instructor – What were you doing before?
J: 6 months ago I was bored in the UK, had no ski instructor qualifications and no experience as a ski instructor. I love skiing and always dreamed of heading out to Canada to become an instructor – so just decided one day to go for it!

Q: What would your normal working day in Canada be like?
R: Get up, look outside at the snow falling, head to the resort, change into uniform and go to 'lineup', get a group (usually kids) then ski with them all day, then get a few free runs at the end of the day (especially if there is fresh pow!), head into town for a few drinks with mates, then repeat! During the holidays we were all working loads so were pretty tired and often had nights just hanging at home in the evenings.

Q: What Qualifications did you need to get a job instructing?
R: Well at the start of the season I had nothing, but we trained towards our Level 1 CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Association). I passed this before Christmas and we started teaching after this in time for the holidays in Canada. Then we also trained towards our level 2 CSIA through the season.

Q: Any tips or words of wisdom for those looking to become a ski instructor?
R: Ski towns are awesome but are quite small – so everyone will know what you did last night – sometimes even before you do!
J: There are heaps of options out there to become an instructor, but it's really hard to get work instructing – even with your Level 2. I was lucky enough to be accepted on EA Ski and Snowboards instructor internship program but whatever you choose, have fun, you won't regret it I'm sure.

Q: Pros and cons of being a ski instructor?
R: Pros include a free season's lift pass, skiing every day, cheap accommodation, resort discounts, great stories… the list goes on!
J: Cons: Christmas away from home was different, but all the staff from the entire mountain were invited for a turkey dinner and drinks in the day lodge on Christmas eve, and afterwards we had a choice of house parties to go to!

Q: So is it true – do you really earn more cash and get more dates?
J: Haha don’t like to kiss and tell but everyone in our group got on super well and the whole season was a blast. Oh and you don't earn heaps of money, but more than other employees at the mountain, and enough to get by and have some fun.
R: For sure! If you are requested for a lesson you earn really good cash (up to $20 an hour) and the uniform is definitely a chick magnet!


Learn more about the Instructor Internship Scheme
Jess and Robb were on EA Ski instructor internships and Snowboard Instructor Internships in Canada. Each season in conjunction with top ski schools around the World EA offer limited places through this program.