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We are EA Ski & Snowboard Training. We are a small group of passionate skiers and snowboarders from around the world. Our mission is to empower and enable the next generation of snow sport instructors.

Careers Advisor Informative Resources

We have put together some information for Careers Advisors on this page to help with giving you an idea of what we offer for school leavers, students considering a gap year away from study, and those looking for opportunity to enter into the Snowsports industry.

Please feel free to download and read our brochures tailored to provide guidance and information on our ski & snowboard instructor training courses and internships. These are great assets to pass around students, fellow careers advisors & parents of students.

Instructor Training Country & Ski Resort Location Informative Brochures

The EA Ski and Snowboard Training Story

EA Ski & Snowboard Training began in 2006 when two ski instructors; Eryn and Jonny were teaching in the USA. They noticed how difficult it was to break into snowsports instruction, a job which had given them so much enjoyment teaching skiing and snowboarding around the world. So they decided to fix this problem by setting up a course combining an instructor training course with a guaranteed job offer to teach in the same season.

The concept of the Instructor Internship was born and has changed the nature of the industry ever since. Over the years we have built partnerships with the top resorts around the world and now offer ski instructor internship courses with 26 Ski Schools in over 5 Countries. Added to that no other company can match EA’s global resort networks spanning Canada, USA, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland. This means more open doors for interns and trainees.

We love snow and all things slide-able. Our MISSION is to keep providing the best ski and snowboard courses in the world, so YOU get more from your season (or seasons!) in the snow.

EA Ski & Snowboard Training remains focused on offering the best winter experience on the planet and making it easy for people to become instructors. There are lots of shiny options on the market but only with EA Ski & Snowboard can you be sure you will get the goods when it comes to becoming an instructor.

Meet The Team!

Jonny Beckingsale

Founder & Managing Director

Jonny’s love of snow sports began at an early age, undertaking many skiing and travel adventures with his family. Jonny got in the world of ski instructing while studying at University.

Although Jonny is now primarily office based he loves getting out of the hill with his family and visiting the resorts where we run our training and internship programs.

Eryn Cutler

Founder & Managing Director

Eryn grew up in New Zealand and has a strong connection with the outdoors.

He has worked as a Qualified ski instructor, kayak instructor, outdoor guide, assessor, and manager for most of his life. He is now most passionate about sharing outdoor learning experiences, and ensuring Educating Adventures provides great experiences around the World.  

Chris Hazeldine

General Manager

Chris hails from Birmingham in the UK, but after finishing up school embarked on a number of long years of winter. Chris completed 15 winter seasons across (to name a few) New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, France and Austria.

Chris now oversees EA’s instructor training/internship programs around the world.

Ray Shimmin

Training Consultant

Ray is an avid skier and keen traveller from the United Kingdom. Having grown up skiing in Italy, France and the USA, Ray soon found himself on the road exploring different corners of the world.

Three winter seasons later, Ray has a wealth of knowledge about the snowsports industry - he is the man to help you fast track your instructor dreams!

Kang Ahra

Training Consultant

Kang has experience as an Outdoor Educator, Sea Kayak guide, Hiking guide and Ski Instructor. He sidetracked for a few years and worked in the Cooperate world. However, he couldn’t ignore his true passion for snowsports. Kang has 8+ seasons working as a qualified ski instructor in places like Japan, Switzerland, the USA and New Zealand. And continues to follow his passion and strive to get his Ski Instructor Trainer Certification.

Julie Anderson

Training Consultant

Julie grew up in New Zealand and has lived in a few countries, including Canada, and is now living in the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown.

Julie has worked in the mountains in British Columbia and Albert Canada, has done a snowboard training course in Wanaka, and is a qualified snowboard instructor.

Richard Timoney

Training Consultant

Richard started off skiing as a teenager exploring Europe and the French Alps in particular, before moving to Canada and doing multiple seasons in the Rocky mountains in British Columbia where he fell in love with the ‘steep and deep’ terrain. He has also skied in Japan, the USA and New Zealand along with multiple backcountry ski missions so is in a great position to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a snowsports instructor!

Sahnya Shiels

Operations Coordinator

Sahnya grew up in Ireland but learned to ski during her first ski season in France. After the season she spent two years working in Australia before missing the snow and heading back to La Plagne for a second season in France. 
Before coming to New Zealand, Sahnya spent two years managing a water sports centre in the UK. Outside of work Sahnya can be found paying outside, skiing, climbing, hiking and mountain biking.

Isabella Henderson

Customer Success Manager

Izzie grew up in New Zealand but learned to ski during a working holiday in Canada. She moved to the South Island in 2021 and has fallen in love with the endless hiking opportunities and sunshine in the Southern Lakes region.  When she is not supporting new instructors in the snowsports industry, you will find Izzie skiing or snowboarding at Coronet and the Remarkables whenever she can.

Simon Hankins

Digital Marketing Manager

Simon is a 6th gen kiwi who is based in Queenstown, NZ. He has spent many a year crafting skills in web design, web dev, web SEO, graphic design, IT & marketing. He is our behind the scenes tech ninja working on all things digital & visual.

Why choose EA Ski & Snowboard Training?

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World-Class Snowsports Training

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