Ski Level 1 

NZSIA Level 1 ski instructors are certified to teach first-time skiers up to advanced wedge turns.

Exam length: 5 days

NZSIA Ski Level 1 will cover and assess the following:

  • NZSIA technique and mechanics
  • Basic teaching methodology
  • Personal skiing skills and fundamental skill demonstrations
  • NZSIA progression for first-time skiers through wedge turns

To achieve this qualification, candidates should be parallel skiers using a pole touch and various turn radii on most groomed terrain and easy off-piste. Freeskiing elements will be used as part of skill development. Candidates’ skiing and wedge turn demonstrations are continually assessed throughout the five days.

Watch ski example videos here.

Ski Level 2

The NZSIA Level 2 certification is aimed at instructors wanting to progress in the snow sports industry. The minimum requirement to sit the Level 2 certification is an NZSIA Level 1 certification, or equivalent foreign qualification.

Length: 7 days

NZSIA Ski Level 2 will cover and assess the following:

  • Teaching progressions from wedge-parallel turn to advanced-parallel turns with a pole touch
  • The teaching model and learning process
  • Class handling and safety
  • Skier analysis
  • Technical information and fundamental skill demonstrations
  • All relative to wedge-parallel turns through to advanced-parallel turns

Candidates’ ability to analyse skiers and plan a lesson is formally assessed in three segments from video clips followed by a discussion with two examiners. Candidates teaching is assessed on the final day during an approximately 40-minute long teaching presentation to other members of their group.

Watch ski examples here


Check out SBINZ's Level 1, 2 and 3 demonstration videos to help you prepare for your exam.