Training at Cypress ski resort

Calendar January 12th, 2018

Mitch trains for and becomes an instructor in Cypress, CANADA!

First off, what a beautiful country, the flight in left me in awe and in the weeks since the smile hasn’t left my face

After being greeted at the airport by one of our EA reps and taken to the hotel for the orientation we were told to be up bright and early the next morning to go sort out everything we would need to work in Canada, however cough*some*cough of us hit the town a bit too hard and only managed to catch up to the group after lunch. Despite that, after a delicious EA sponsored dinner our EA rep Kia told us to meet him down in the lobby at 9AM, a message only 1 of us managed to forget, and so as punishment EA intern Eddie was told to sing a song on the bus for every minute he was late, 25 minutes and several burst eardrums later we had made it to our accommodation for the next 5 months and were given a tour of the local area.

Having not skied in over 5 years I was a tad worried about how my first day would go, but luckily I wasn’t alone and after a run on the bunny hill we’d all started to find our ski legs again. Our first and second day was used to get us back into the groove of skiing and to explore the mountain so needless to say they were amazing, and with perfect conditions for riding how could you go wrong?

After those warm-up sessions our real training started, with many days of intensive ski improvement ranging from perfecting a pizza to fine-tuning edge control, all while learning about how to teach toddlers and adults, and how to look after our ski equipment. The training was unreal and the difference in all of our skiing over the course of the training, or even just day to day is staggering.


HERO Cypress Canada Scenery 8

As I write this I’m preparing for my first real day as a qualified ski instructor and I can’t be more excited!


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