How to travel solo without feeling lonely

Calendar June 29th, 2018

Travelling solo can be one of the most life-changing, rewarding and enlightening experiences anyone can go through. But, it can also be incredibly lonely.

From learning to meditate and enjoy me-time to joining a course and meeting new, like-minded people, we’ve curated our fool-proof list of tips on travelling solo and avoiding those lonely thoughts.


Be brave.

Think of solo travel as being able to do what you want, when you want. It can be daunting staring ahead at the unknown as you step on that plane, train or boat but remember that this is an exciting adventure. Be brave, and embrace something that might be outside your comfort zone.


Know how you’ll stay in touch.

There’s nothing like a phone call home to calm the nerves. Give your family, friends and loved ones a facetime or ring when you’re feeling alone and just want a familiar face to chat to. As they say, laughter is the best medicine!


Visit the local spots and smile.

There’s nothing like a smile from a stranger. Plus, it can suggest you’re approachable and kind. If you’re in a destination for awhile, why not head to the local spots, smile often and be happy to chat to whomever you meet. You will have some great conversations with locals, trust us!


Become a regular.

Obviously this can only work if you’re staying somewhere longer than a few days but simple things like heading to the same restaurant and a similar time a couple of days in a row for a coffee means that you have the chance to become friendly with staff and chat to a few different people.


Stay in a backpackers.

Hostels, backpackers and B&B’s are particularly good for solo travellers because they generally have common rooms and common kitchen areas full of fellow travellers that are generally up for a chat and are happy to meet you. This can be a great way to have a bit of company and potentially even meet new friends.


Join a group activity or course.

EA Ski & Snowboard encourage ‘soon-to-be’ ski instructors each year to leave the comforts of their own country and expand their skills and qualifications on an epic gap year experience. Their internship program isn’t all about travelling alone. This is because it is specifically designed to transition you into a job, help you obtain a qualification and most importantly, meet new like-minded solo travellers that are out there exploring the world just like you. What’s better than new friends from around the world that are there to share an experience and become your friend for life!  


Expect to meet friendly people on your travels.

There is an element of needing to be discerning when talking to strangers or new people but in most cases, you have the chance to meet friendly and interesting people when travelling on your own. If you join EA Ski & Snowboard on an internship or a training course, you’ll find that you’ll already have an interest in common with your fellow course participants.


Learn to enjoy your own company.

You are not going to always have someone there to chat to or meet. Half of travelling on your own, will be on you’re on and even though it takes time, practice getting used to your own company and enjoy it. There are little things you can do like reading a book, meditating or listening to music that can help you. You might even find that you look around more, take things in and can get a great feel for the culture and place you’ve travelled to when on your own… enjoy it!


Finally just remember to embrace the chance, but don’t expect solo travelling to be easy. After all, this may be completely out of your comfort zone!

If you would like to learn more about EA Ski & Snowboard’s gap year opportunities, and how you can start your solo travel adventure, see if you qualify here and one of our training consultants will be in touch!