EA Ski & Snowboard Instructor Courses In USA

Guaranteed Job Offer & Full Training Provided
We are now recruiting for paid ski & snowboard instructor jobs with full training provided starting this November. Download your free USA instructor brochure to find out how you can become an instructor at one of our world-class ski resorts...

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Video Reviews

Patricia, Snowboard Instructor

"Getting paid to snowboard is so amazing...I do not want to go back to my other job! Everyone who has a passion for the sport should at least try this out for a season!"


"I chose to do the ultimate plus programme because it would give me the best chance at getting an instructing job in the future... Being able to ski every day if you wanted was the dream."


"I was looking for a fast-track. I knew I needed a lot of training so that's [EA] what I was looking for."


"The EA program helped me get the coolest job in the world..."